Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sparrowtree Studios Loves LUMIPro

 Calypso Sparrowtree: Hi Colleen! I wanted to share a machinima I made with you. The LUMIPro was used throughout the ENTIRE process. I cannot imagine trying to take photos OR film without it. <3

Check out the newest machinima from Sparrowtree Studios...

Chica Bomb

Filmed in Second Life on location at Sparrowtree Studios using LUMIPro

Starring Adam Dong Sparrowtree (Adam7 Resident) and Calypso Sparrowtree.

The team at LUMIPro love good feedback from LUMIPro friends, fans and userbase !

Sparrowtree Studios also did a fabulous cover for the very popular Second Life Magazine Scruplz using the LUMIPro and poses made by Sparrowtree Studio!

Not familiar with LUMIPro?  Come over and check us out. Watch the LUMIPro blog for dates and time of upcoming demo times! 

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  1. I love this, Colleen! Thank you so very much. <3 to everyone at LumiPro.