Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Something To Share!

Hello to all of our great users and well our non-users as well! Normally I start a blog post with sexy men carrying photos or jumping up and down excited about something, but not today, today I want to show you this...


Stefan sent this to me earlier today and asked me if I could share it with you all. I loved it! I love the one about taking pictures of your food (lol). It makes you think doesn't it? Well there you have it, our contribution to your day, but before I let you go I need your help. I am working towards making the blog a more information filled resource for everyone, here is what I need from you.

What are some video tutorials related to LUMIPro or photography that you would like us to create?
Do you have favorite places that you like to take photos?
What are some features you would like to see in LUMIPro's next release?
Do you have any questions about LUMIPro you would like answered?

If you would like to share your thoughts just send me, Sammie Ansar (SamoanHoneyPot Resident), a note card. in Second Life. Stefan and I are both working really hard to not only bring you a great product but a great experience. Well until next time...
Happy Shooting!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shameless Plug

Just a shameless plug of LUMIPro as I was able to setup this shoot in about 90 seconds; with about four minutes in Photoshop.  LUMIPro allowed me to shoot so clean I barely had to do any Photoshop.  The OpenGL graphics platform and the scripting language gave LUMIPro a chance to really open up possibilities.  Share your photos on Flickr with the rest of the LUMIPro community.  How cool is the Second Life world as an artistic platform?  Seriously cool.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

LUMIPro Spotlight Time!

*** Skips into the room nibbling on a chocolate bar followed by several people carrying large photos. As they start placing the new photos on the wall... ***

Oh, hello to my favorite people! I hope everyone has been doing well. Stefan and I have both been busy with life as well as planning the next LUMIPro release! Well today I was looking through the Flickr group, and you all have been sharing some great work. Well we all know what that means... it is spotlight time!

 The Mermaid's Garden by Tamarind Silverfall

 Just a dream by Bevie Oh

 Black & White by Fritz Fritz

 gentle Rain by BelBa

Never Fall Down by Asa Vordun

I am always so impressed by everyone's works it can make it hard to choose, but don't worry I will do another spotlight soon! Stefan and I would also love to hear everyone's thoughts on features they would like to see. We are also looking at expanding LUMIPro's Video Library so if you all have anything you would like to see tutorials on let us know! Feel free to drop Sammie Ansar (SamoanHoneyPot Resident) a note card with your ideas. At LUMIPro we not only want to bring you a great product but a great community experience!

*** Gives a wave ***

Well until next time... Happy Shooting!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

LUMIPro Special Spotlight!

*** Walks into the room followed by five beautiful women carrying large photos. ***

Why hello there everyone! I thought in honor of International Women's Day, which was this past Sunday, that we would do a very special spotlight. Today's spotlight will feature all female photographers! How about a peek?

You can travel the world only to find what you're looking for at home by Peep Sideshow Darkward

Sweetest Taboo by Lady Velvetrose

the old stomping grounds by Rwah

Panty Revolution by Twinklestarlight

MELINDA by Wild Bedrosian

*** Grins scanning the new spotlights all created by women. ***

As I was going through LUMIPro's Flickr group I realized not as many of our female users are not sharing their works. Well ladies this is my challenge to you... Show us whatcha workin with! And you to guys! Here is the Flickr Group just in case you need it.
Until next time... Happy Shooting!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Avi Choice Awards - We did it!

So cool to have won the Avi Choice Award!  Couldn't have asked for a better birthday present!

The reason I like the idea of Avi Choice Award is that it is a team sport.  LUMIPro has been recognized by many in various forums and settings, but it is always a small group or a single blogger making the decision. Honestly what I really see this as is a "hats off" saying the LUMIPro *COMMUNITY* has received its first award.  How cool is that?!

I would also like to take a moment to thank our miss LUMIPro for helping to drive this and rallying everyone together. This company and the community we have built could not be so amazing without her.

In either case, my hope is that the award helps bring other cool kids into our fun, sometimes trifling, yet awesome community of artist and photographers.

So whats next for LUMIPro?  Besides a "2015" update that I am prototyping now, we are going to expand the idea of the flash mob art gallery into something cool for our artists to use as a way to share their work on a larger scale. If we pull it off, my goal is to get this as an "editor's pick" in the destination guide.  Sammie is keeping her ideas a secret for now.  We will announce more as we develop the story further.

Thank you again everyone!  I'm still high!