Tuesday, March 26, 2013

LUMIPro Spotlight

This LUMIPro Spotlight brought to you by Gregor Tenk and his partner Pepper Hoffnung. Both are LUMIPro users as well as being a couple of my favorite LUMIPro artists! If you have not visited their work , please take a moment to find it here.

Two Lovers
Isa Messioptra

Isa’s work always tells a story, imparting a sense of connection through her lens. I still recall stumbling upon her work for the first time about a year ago, and have since enjoyed the stories she tells in her “Single Frame Movies”. “Rupture” is her current exhibition at Gallery Assiss, do not miss it.

Over easy

Benjamin Glendale

We’ve only recently come to know Benjamin’s work. His attention to detail & level of realism in his work is rivalled by few and gives us all something to strive for. His feed is always great to check for places to explore.

Modern Love

Jessica Belmer

What can be said about Jessica’s work that hasn’t been already said? As always, inspirational, motivating & awe inspiring. Do yourself a favor & check out her “White Harness” exhibit at Gallery Assiss.

Damn Paparazzi!

WrenNoir Cerise

I just love this shot, playful, great lighting, imaginative.

At the End of the Evening


Great light work here by Em. We’ve been lucky enough to have been shot by her & call her a friend. Always something new on her stream, and a new story to see. “Fearless On My Breath” is her breathtaking exhibition at Gallery Assiss, do yourself a favor and go see it.

The Cowboy 1

Darius Kragin

Dar’s composition & light work are text book. His feed is always flowing with something new, weather being some new outfit he has found or exercises in composition combined with his fashion sense & lighting.

Fallen Inga 02

Barely Texan

Great pose & awesome lighting creates the magic of this shot. Quite simply it just moved me.

sweet shadows


 “Sweet Shadows” is right! Wind’s work is always awe inspiring.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Uberverse is a Second Life/Real Life Crossover Exhibition

Uberverse is a Second Life/Real Life crossover exhibition . . . being shown in both worlds simultaneously 8-30 March 2013. The show features artists Morgana Nagorski and Kato Salyut, both avid uses of LUMIPro with abstracts by Sledge Roffo. Morgana has been working with the gallery owner for some time putting this show together. The opening event is 9:00PM - midnight SLT on Friday 8 March @ b1 sky gallery, purpose built for the event.

The opening event will be streamed onto a big screen in the RL gallery . . . so dress in your most glamorous or most weird and wonderful and come and strut your stuff so there is something imprtessive to be seen on that RL screen. Slurl: