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LUMIPro Photo of the Day !

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"Unfading moths, immortal flies, And the worm that never dies. And in that heaven of all their wish, There shall be no more land, say fish."

BY: Asa Vordun

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LUMIPro Chats with Victoria V. Lenoirre

Interview conducted by Samoan Honeypot AKA Sammi
LUMIPro Media Manager

Have you ever been surfing through Flickr, Koinup, or another photography site and wondered wow I wonder what inspires them? Well I know I have, and I was recently given the opportunity to sit down with one of our very own users, Victoria Lenoirre! She is the newest editor-in-chief for The Best Of SL Magazine, a pose creator, blogger, a teacher at Builder's Brewery, and of course a LUMIPro enthusiast. It was an amazing experience to get to see what one of our users is all about, and I can not wait to do it again with one of you! 

Here is part of the interview:

Okay first question... (Mostly because I am nosy) What got you started in Second Life?

Victoria V. Lenoirre: Well, years before I joined Second Life... I heard about it at a discussion forum. But I didn't join probably because I was too busy arguing or something lol. Then later I heard SL had cool graphics and sometimes RL authors visited to give lectures. I have never met one of my favorite authors in SL, but I have stayed on. :)

So when did you start developing an interest in the Photography side of Second Life?

Victoria V. Lenoirre: It was in October 2011. I met this guy at some random person's house, an old friend teleported me over. And that guy asked me to model for him; and since then, he showed me what he could do with avatars. Plus, I was creating poses, and I knew my product pics needed something. I later learned it was higher graphics. Lol

So he was sort of a mentor then?

Victoria V. Lenoirre: Yes, he was...

That is wonderful, I think a lot of us that enter the ''photography scene'' hope to find that mentor that will sort of lead the way... Would you say your work has changed a lot?

Victoria V. Lenoirre: Yes, I've changed a lot, and I've had many mentors since him. I still ask around for suggestions and advice. I believe a true artist isn't afraid to get positive AND negative feedback, it's how we develop and improve our skills. We all need at least a second opinion, and I try to experiment with objects and tools in post processing programs. I like to play around with windlight settings as well as edit sky settings. I like to change it up so it never bores me out. :) I look around at photos from Flickr, Koinup, even real life for inspiration and ideas. I believe we all need to challenge ourselves to capture or portray something fascinating.

Speaking of tools... Lets talk about part of the reason why we are sitting at this interview... LUMIPro! What do you think of it?

Victoria V. Lenoirre: Wow! It is a PHENOMENAL, convenient and instrumental tool! *smiles brightly* I think of how it was for me before I got the comparison.

I must say I get super excited about it myself.

Victoria V. Lenoirre: It makes my photos come to life. It gives them more depth and more character. I have tried regular face lights and some other photo HUDs and none of them come close to what the LUMIPro can do. It's just mind blowing when you put it on for the first time and go through all the options and tools. It is like carrying around a portable studio with you. :) I absolutely adore it! I use it for all my avatar photos whether I'm just exploring or when I'm getting shots of one of my poses.

Do you have a favorite LUMIPro feature?

Victoria V. Lenoirre: Wow, tough question. I love all the features. But if I had to choose a favorite feature it would have to be being able to change the flow of the light from a wide spotlight to a narrow spot from the projector. The projector wasn't in the package when I first heard of the LUMIPro. It's such an important feature, I can't live without it. :)

How did you hear about LUMIPro?

Victoria V. Lenoirre: Years ago, I worked at a magazine called Palais Orleans, owned by Madison Arnahan. LUMIPro was one of the advertisers. Madi did some photography as well, she showed me her studio. One time she even introduced me to Stefan. I was totally starstruck. But I didn't start using the LUMIPro until last year. I was focused on learning post processing and looking for photo ideas. That takes a lot of energy.

So since you are still fairly new in the use of LUMIPro, do you have any advice for our new users? (Like myself)

Victoria V. Lenoirre: My advice is that you wear the rezzables first and adjust them to how you like, slowly increase the intensity starting from see what you like. then wear the projector and slowly move it around. When I use the projector, I click the menu and click bulb. I don't usually use all 9 bulbs. it's really bright. :) And play around with the presets like Rembrandt light and rim light. Those are quick and easy if you don't want to keep clicking to reposition the balls.

Don't feel bad I broke I broke my LUMIPro in the first five minutes, and Stefan had to send me a new one.

Victoria V. Lenoirre: I have never broken my LUMIPro. At first, I was nervous about using it. It can seem complex at first. But now, I use it for all my pose shoots and personal shoots.
Yes, once you start using it, it gets a lot easier. I think things like the user manual and blog are also a big help.
Honestly, my first reference is YouTube. I subscribed to Stefan's channel and his videos are really easy to follow.
*These videos can also be found on the blog*

So now that we have chatted some about what got you started... Let's talk about where you are now. Like BOSL … I hear congratulations are in order!

Victoria V. Lenoirre: Awww thank you, Sammie! :) It's an honor to be the new Editor-in-Chief. I never thought I'd be in this seat. I worked at BOSL as a Senior Writer Since March 2012 , I think. I have always admired Persia. She's been great. She made it look so easy.

I am sure you will do an amazing job. What are you hoping to bring to the magazine as the new Editor in Chief?

Victoria V. Lenoirre: I want to bring more balance into BOSL. It's not just about fashion and models. SL is based on RL and technology as well. BOSL will still have the fashion style cards and the home & garden section. I've always been fascinated by computers and the technical aspects of SL. And of course, we'll feature artists. I couldn't forget art. :) I'm very excited for the future. It was art that led me to BOSL actually.
There are some great artists out there. It is one of the reasons I love working for LUMIPro I get to see everyone's amazing work. And I can see why you were drawn to BOSL it is beautiful.

Victoria V. Lenoirre: Yes, and 3D art has influenced me as well. I really got into the Art world because of UWA in SL, University of Western Australia. It's a RL university. My friend Jayjay Zifanwe teaches there and heads up the organization in SL. Jayjay and Frolic are old friends. When I did an interview on Frolic, he hired me on the spot....little known fact. :) I started with art blogging. I learned a slightly different type of photo to do distant shots. That is a challenge because the builds can be huge and amazing... What part do I want in the frame? lol. but experience helps me to decide now.

Okay one last question, and maybe the most important of all, would you recommend LUMIPro to others?

Victoria V. Lenoirre: Yes, I would recommend the LUMIPro to anyone. It's a handy photography tool to have if you really want to be a serious photographer in SL. You could still make decent photos without it, but one of the great things about it, is that you can use it in any sim regardless if scripts aren't allowed, and you don't need to have rez rights. You can spend less time editing photos as well if you use this useful HUD. And the gazer....nice. Some poses make the eyes go up or down, and it looks odd. It's nice that you don't need a separate gazer HUD.

Yes I love it all... will be a tough act to follow in the next update.

Victoria V. Lenoirre: Stefan will wow us all I’m sure. :)

Yes I am sure -smiles-

I had a wonderful time getting to know a user behind the HUD. Victoria's first issue of BOSL as Editor-in-Chief came out on April 1st. If you haven't checked it out be sure you do! She is also featured in this years Pose Fair going on now until May 3rd! I will include links and landmarks below! I really enjoyed this and I can not wait to chat with more of our great users! Well until next time … Happy Shooting!

Visit the Pose Fair here:
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LUMIPro Photo of the Day !

Indulgning The Heat

Entry in the Summer Heat Contest.
Postcards From Paradise Series - Indulging The Heat — with Walter Gedenspire.

By: Bianca Xavorin

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LUMIPro Photo of the Day!

The Granite Elephant

Appearing at the new Gallery Assis.

By : Molly Bloom

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LUMIPro Photo of the Day !


“The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night.”

By:  Asa Vordun

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Something Different , Today We celebrate 2 POTD !

Flat Ebbe

By: Peep Sideshow


Flat Ebbe and me at Caprice Hills 1

By:  Kirsten"BB"Smith

What's Flat Ebbe all about ? Find out more on Strawberry Singh's Blog !

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LUMIPro Photo of the Day!

Evening breeze By Stella (2nd Life)

Visit LUMIPro Flickr to see more of the fabulous artists and photographers. 

Be sure to contact them and let them know you love what they do and ask them about LUMIPro !

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LUMIPro Photo of the Day !

Clear and Free of Storms

imaged at beautiful Small town Green.

By Jessica Belmer