Saturday, June 1, 2019

The First LUMIPro Spotlight In June!

*** She saunters into the room her hips swaying to the beat of the beach ball bouncing in her hands. As she heads for the desk her blue swimsuit sparkles in the light. She finally turns to you with a playful smile after putting down the beach ball and picking up a stack of photos. ***

Oh hey there! I am really glad you are here. All of this sunny weather has me inspired, and I thought it would be great to kick off the month of June with a LUMIPro Spotlight!



Ni Avril



These photos are just amazing! Congratulations to each of you! I always have to resist wanting to choose more. If you currently own LUMIPro be sure you post your photos in LUMIPro's Flickr Group. You never know when one of yours might be selected!

If you do not own LUMIPro, try a fully functioning demo at LUMIPro's World Headquarters

Thank you, everyone, for indulging me today! On a side note keep your eyes on the blog, we have exciting news about the gallery coming your way!

Once again congratulations spotlights! Until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Leaning down and picking up her beach ball she runs to the door. Once there she stops and looks over her shoulder with a smile before leaving. ***