Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Lucid Dreams" ~ Sponsored by LUMIPro

A warm welcome from LUMIPro - the sponsor of "Lucid Dreams"
LUMIPro is a professional lighting and pose system for artists, photographers, and machinimists.  The system has been used for 3 magazine covers so far in 2012 as well as some of the leading art and music videos.  Come check out a demo of our system at  and check out a gallery of our work.

I'm happy to announce LUMIPro's ongoing sponsorships of arts in Second Life.  Morgana Nagorski and Palais Orleans Gallery is hosting a art showing "Lucid Dream" featuring  Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy.

I have personal fondness for Palais Orleans as the previous owner of the gallery and I were early collaborators on LUMIPro and I'm proud to help continue her legacy.

Morgana Nagorski is an avid LUMIPro user and advocate to the art world and I'm excited LUMIPro gets a chance to be involved with it.

Amona used LUMIpro for all of her pics in the exhibition and Harbor for about a third, and she is now experimenting further with it.

Colleen and I are looking forward to seeing you at the opening parties.

Stefan Buscaylet

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allan Poe

Amona's statement about the show

"Just sinking into the dreamland she wanted so much, like a relief, a wanted ending to another day. Eyes closed, her body being one with the ground, just waiting for memory to escape her. Never being conscious of the moment when she faded in from the reality into the dream.

Enjoying the lucid dreams carrying her over water, to distant cities, the encounters with strangers, just briefly discovering their secrets, dreams of dreams, each more deeper than the other.

Floating moments, more vague now, the dream slowly filling her body, making it weightless and translucent. Mirroring it in distant oceans, posed in colored rooms, wander through dream gardens, between painted walls and encounter lovers and fairies, friends and enemies.

She would just live the dream, picturing it, seek and sense it and just dwell in it, like being in another existence or a second life."
This was the dream I wanted to be in - and that I wanted to picture.

It has been a joy working with Harbor. Her obvious artistic sense and skills has been an inspiration for me and has made me challenge myself, and I hope you will notice that.

Thank yo so much Morgana for your work with preparing and creating the shows for your gallery and work with us. It is very exciting for me to exhibit in your gallery.

Second Life has been a blessing for me and made me able to use my artistic skills again. Thanks to my friends in SL and in Flickr, without you this would not be as fun. And thanks to my partner, you know how much you mean to me.

Amona Savira May 2012

Harbor's statement about the show

I've always felt that Second Life was a type of Lucid Dreaming, a world created by our fantasies and desires. A world vivid while immersed in it yet ephemeral upon departure. A dream within a dream.
My hope was to convey that ephemeral quality of the dream state.. a vision short lived, grasped for a moment by the mind only to disappear, leaving us with a vague memory or sensation.

My many thanks to Morgana for all the work she does in creating and supporting these shows at her gallery and for her belief in my work. Thank you to Amona..who's talent makes me want to expand and push my personal horizons and last but certainly not least thank you to all who use this dream we call Second Life to create. It is your acts of creation from the smallest item to the largest sim that fuels this dream.

Harbor Galaxy May 2012

Transport to the gallery

I'm extremely excited about this show, having seen some of the artwork already I can you tell this is another not to be missed gallery. I've been in Second Life since 2007 and I've been very fortunate to meet and work with some of Second Life's phenomenal artists and photographers. I sincerely hope that you will stop by this gallery. Morgana Nagorski  chooses her gallery artists with an expert eye as an artist herself in both worlds. Support Art in Second Life.

See you there,
Colleen Criss

Sunday, May 20, 2012

LUMIPro Spotlight

You spend hours creating your set , finding your perfect look, adding the right accessories, so why not have the perfect light to enhance it all. Check out LUMIPro. LUMIPro is a game changer in lighting for photography in secondlife. It was developed by a pro photographer RL who found the lighting systems available in secondlife to be inadequate and got tired of the limitation of rezzing prim and moving them each time he reposed his model. LUMIPro changes all this. 

 Damnation by ςคlyקร๏ รקคгг๏ฬtгєє SSP Damnation

Elicea XV by Morgana Nagorski Elicea XV


torch by Jessica Belmer torch

Chained by Domitalia Jinx 


 Please visit these wonderful artists flickr sites to see more of their awesome works, or catch them on the LUMIPro flickr listed on the side bar of this blog.