Tuesday, July 26, 2016

And The Winners Are...

As many of you know LUMIPro was proud to sponsor this year's Relay For Life auction and the Windlight Summer Fashion Showcase Photo Competition. In Windlight's photo contest the winning photograph was created by Vivienne Darcy. Here is a look at the winning photograph...

She did a fabulous job!

Not to the event that is helping us concur cancer. Unfortunately this horrible disease has touched each of us in someway. Every year Second Life takes a stand and holds the largest fundraising event on the grid, the Relay For Life of Second Life! This year they have raised $235,435USD, how amazing is that? Stefan and I were so proud to be able to donate 2 LUMIPros for the auction. Nikki Mathieson and  Magda Kamenev were the lucky auction winners! If you have yet to receive your gift certificates contact me (samoanhoneypot resident) in-world. Thank you everyone for your contributions!

To find out more about either of these events check out their websites.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Some Quick Reminders.

I just wanted to take a few moments to remind everyone that the relay for life auction ends today at 1:45 PM. For all the details please check out this blog post. I really do hope you guys will come and support this great cause. Cancer in one way or another has touched all of our lives, let's do what we can to work towards ending this horrible disease.

I also wanted to remind everyone that entries for Windlight Magazine's summer fashion photo contest are due today. For details on that check this blog post. It is a really fun event to take part in.

We are so excited to sponsor both of these events. At each of them the winners will receive a LUMIPro gift certificate! Don't worry if you are really an owner the gift certificates are transferable. If you have a friend who has been wanting a LUMIPro now would be a great time for them to get one.

I want to think everyone for their continued support, you guys are just amazing! Well as I always say until next time... Happy Shooting!


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Help LUMIPro Support the Relay for Life of Second Life!

*** Shuffles into the room still in her robe with a cup of coffee, as she sits down she beckons you over to have a seat. ***

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far, I will admit I have been very much behind the power curve this week. There are some wonderful things happening in my Real Life this month that I will share with you guys in a later blog post. For now let me give you a couple reminders. The big Relay for Life weekend started today! This is a great cause jampacked with all sorts of events and activities. Not only can you help raise money for a great cause, you will have a great time!

There are so many events throughout the entire weekend I'm not sure I can list them all here, but for more information you can check the Relay for Life a Second Life website. They will have the daily activities listed. They have theme hours, DJs, live events, and even auctions!

Let's take a moment and talk about the auction... 
All of the proceeds will go to benefit the Relay for Life which supports cancer research. Out of all the great events why am I singling out the auction to tell you guys about? Because LUMIPro is super excited to be one of the sponsors!
Here is a list of the items you can bid on...

Amaretto Demon Black Walker
Amaretto Demon Rage Branding Horse
Pair of Amaretto 2015 Retired Limited Edition Summer SeaHorses ( collectible not breedable)  ( Forever Foaled)
Pair of Amaretto 2015 Retired Limited Edition Spring Flower Horses ( Collectible not Breedable) (Forever Foaled )
Archangel and Spirit of RFL horses with Info book about the Archangel Project

Home and garden:

Rothko House - Home Whimsy
La Coupole - By Maven Homes


2 LUMIPro 2016 Photography systems
In-Pose! Male FatPack of 276 Poses
In-Pose! Female Petite FatPack of 42 Poses
In-Pose! Female FatPack of 837 Poses
In-Pose! Couples and Props FatPack of 266 Poses

Clothing :

Vero Modero Rusa Gown Black
Vero Modero Rusa Gown Green
London Party Dress - Toddleedoo baby size
When Doves Cry - One of a Kind Relay Edition Dress - Mirror Mirror
Fayline Fashions - RFL Ladies Pack II
                           RFL Mens Pack II
~Glitter Girls~ Join Hands Gown                           
Luxe Paris - Nuit Blanch Sun Dress
                  No Me Toques Bikini & Palazzo
                  Burkina Mens Jacket / Pants, shoes

Jewelry :

Semi - Precious: Seraphina - Morganite (RFL Exclusive)
                          Seraphina - Helena (RFL Exclusive)
Lantian [Flox] - Celtic Dragon Redux (RFL Chrome- unisex)
Delirium Style - Magical pendant - Myth
!nfinity- Rose Lace Collar

RFL Experiences :

A Guest DJ Spot with Trader on T1Radio (a Wednesday night show)
A Guest dance spot with Phoenix Dance Team / one choreographed song picked special by the winner.
Private Concert and Date with Sinatra
2 hour Dj set done by DJ Cara
Article in Penumbra Magazine - including photo-shoot, and interview
Be A Guest with Funtastics Tribute Bands for a show

WK"s Cats

Lvl 20 23 trait Baby Morocco Male
Lvl 16 36 Trait Const Electric Eye

Amela Earhart - Jennytryit Kaz

Talk about some great prizes! For the LUMIPro auction boards don't worry if you already own one, you will receive a gift certificate that is transferable! To make a bid just hitch a ride from this landmark and use the kiosk for each item that you wish to bid on. All of the auction boards will close tomorrow at 1:45 PM SLT. Please take a moment to make a bid or check out other ways to donate at the event. Not only will you be getting a great item, but you also be helping to raise awareness and find a cure for one of the most devastating physical illnesses someone can go through.

I am also going to include a landmark to the welcome center so that you can find out all of the amazing things you can do this weekend. I know I will be there! Until next time... Happy Shooting and Donating!

***  Grabs her coffee cup slowly rising to her feet, and she makes her way to the door she turns back to look at you giving a small wave. ***

Friday, July 8, 2016

Win A LUMIPro at The Windlight Summer Fashion Event!

I am excited to announce the start of the Windlight Summer Fashion Event! What does this have to do with photography or LUMIPro, you ask. At any great event there is always a... photo contest!

LUMIPro is very proud to be  a sponsor for this amazing event! Before we talk about the event as a whole I want to tell you about the photo contest itself. Everyone is eligible to enter. 

Here are some of the guidelines:
1) Shoot a photo featuring an item bought at the Windlight Summer Fashion Event (not a Hunt item), and shoot the photo on the Event Summer Fashion Event Plaza build. Windlight Summer Fashion Event Landmark.
2) Submit the Photo labelled 'Windlight Summer Fashion Event Competition' to the Windlight Events Group Flickr Page.
  3) Photo description should include your SL Avatar legacy name, and the item name and designer brand of the item featured in the photo. (Photo must include at least one item)
4) Entries are due by 12AM SLT on July 17, 2016.

I know you all must be dying to know what the winner will receive. Their very own gift certificate for a LUMIPro 2016! If you have always wanted a LUMIPro, or have a friend who really wants one, this is a great way to make it happen!

The winner's name will be announced on the Windlight Magazine Website, and the LUMIPro blog. The winner can receive their gift certificate by contacting me, Samantha Ansar-Buscaylet (SamoanHoneyPot Resident).

This event is so much more than a photo contest, to get plugged into all the awesomeness check out their website. We are so pleased to be working with them!

Until next time... Happy Shooting!


Saturday, July 2, 2016

And The Winners Are... (Be Sure You Scroll All The Way Through)

I know you all have been waiting with baited breath to find out who the winners of the Re-Creation with LUMIPro Contest are. So I won't make you wait any longer...

First Place goes to...

Second place goes to...

Third Place was a little bit harder, there were so many great photos we couldn't just choose one! So the 2 third place winners are...


Samira Selvey!

Oh and we can't forget the winner of the LUMIPro Gift Certificate!
Harper Lexington!

Winners be sure to message me in world (Samantha Ansar-Buscaylet) to receive prizes! There were so many great entries we can stop there. Here are our honorable mentions (in no particular order)...

Jackson Redstar!


Elbereth Exonar!

Carley Noonan!

Cyrece Delicioso!


We were so excited to see so much participation in this contest, and we can't wait to do another one! EVERYONE did such an amazing job! I think this was the most difficult contest for us to judge thus far. Everyone keep shooting and we will see you again very soon!