Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gallery Assis is delighted to present Assis Aeternum new exhibits.

Gallery Assis in association with her official sponsor LUMIPro is delighted to present Assis Aeternum new exhibits.

When - Saturday 20th April
Where - Gallery Assis - The Aeternum Suite
Time - 12 noon slt

DH Hotboy and host Floyd Arun providing the, as always, fantastic entertainment.

Dress code - Burlesque/Showtime

Darius Kragin - "Femme" (woman)

With mothers day coming up next month it made me think of women, as a gay male what are they to me ? Well the answer was clear and simple Mothers, Sisters, Friends, Nurturers and Protectors. The female form has always held a fascination to all genders in its beauty and softness.

Here is my ode to those marvelous creations we call Mother, Sister, Friend, Wife, Lovers, Daughters, their bodies hold our very creation.

Beauty, of a Naked Woman, celebrating the form and contours of Women Beautiful, in all her Naked Glory -

"Naked, Beautiful, Supple, Succulent, and Soft,
In your Naked Silhouette, I could get lost.
What a Lovely Vision, it is, to see.
You Rouse, such Fervor, such Passion, within me,
Every Contour, a Delight, to my eyes.
The thought of your Nakedness, alone, makes my nature rise.
Nubile Beauty, like a Nymph, rising, from the sea,
Your Body's Siren Song, so, Seduces me.
Each and every inch of it, leaves me, in Rhapsody.
You're a Statue, of Perfection, Contoured Symmetry.
Your Nakedness, Beautiful, Defines, Femininity"

- Robert Gardiner

Skip Staheli - "perfect Imperfection"

Series dedicated to all really beautiful big women of SecondLife and RL

I think there is beauty in everyone and in every shape...  My sister struggled all her life with fighting the pounds and had a difficult relationship with the scales ├índ mirror. I saw how much pain she had with feeling not confident in her body.
I myself never made a secret of the fact I truly adore curves. And making this BBW series was something I wanted to do for long long time.. so here it is. I wanted to share how a full figured curvy woman looks in my eyes, how I view the softness of a real women's body...  I hope you Enjoy it as much as I do!

Lincoln Garnet - "Apocalypse Now"

What if the world ended, but you were still here?  Would you search out the last man or woman on earth?  How about the last man AND woman on earth?  Come take an erotic trip to the Day After, where out of the rubble rises a decidedly naked norm,  and where Adam & Eve is now Adam & Eve & Eva .

Molly Bloom - "Molly's Impala"

It was the sexiest of times.  She had fun, fun, fun until Molly's Daddy took her Impala away......

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aspects of Solitude

A fabulous new exhibition, sponsored by LUMIPro, opens @ Palais Orleans Gallery Complex this weekend.

Amona Savira and Hartbor Galaxy show us Aspects of Solitude.
The images are intelligent, thought provoking, sensitive and well . . . just gorgeous.

It is such a pleasure to host this exhibition by two such talented artists..

Join us for one of the opening events this Saturday and Sunday.

The artists' statement explaining the thoughts behind  the show
          ”My face in the bathroom mirror
           has white streaks down it.
           I rinse the face and return to bed.
          Tomorrow I am going to visit my mother. ”
                               (from The Glass Essay by Anna Carson)

Just that, to look in the bathroom mirror, seeing herself and only her, no one else there, from a sleepless night and a numb body. The hard light hits her face, head full of dreams and memories.

Solitude – the good and bad of it.

Of course there is a liberating feeling of being by herself, but now she was leaning towards the negative.
More like lived life, like feeling lonely either in the midst of a crowd or by choice. 
All the lonely nights, waiting for nobody…in solitude.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Venetian Masked Carnaval

Gallery Assis in association with the official sponsor LUMIPro is delighted to present The Venetian Masked Carnaval.

When - Saturday 13th April
Where - Gallery Assis - The Scott F Clark Suite
Time - 12 noon slt

DH Hotboy and host Floyd Arun providing the, as always, fantastic entertainment.

All to celebrate 3 fantastic new exhibits:


am not a woman of many words , so i keep it very short ,let the image speak for itself, and yes we women rule most men's world, Mister Brown eat your heart out,we let you men think its a man's world and wind you around our little fingers with all we have , body and mind .

a little piece from the poem  'Imagine a woman' by Patricia Lynn Reilly

Imagine a woman
in love with her own body.
A woman who believes her body is enough, just as it is.
Who celebrates her body and its rhythms and cycles as an exquisite resource.

Imagine a woman
who honors the face of the Goddess in her changing face.
A woman who celebrates the accumulation of her years and her wisdom.
Who refuses to use her precious life energy disguising the changes in her body and life

ONE MAN GUY - by Benjamin Glendale

Benjamin Glendale is delighted to have been invited to display a selection of his work at Gallery Assis.

A long time resident of Second Life, Benjamin is rediscovering exploration in SL and taking snaps of his adventures, primarily for his own enjoyment but also to be shared with others. Ben doesn't confine himself to one form of image over another, he takes photographs of people and/or places, landscapes or buildings, as inspired by his surroundings and the events taking place.

Additionally, as a gay man, some of Ben's pictures are taken at the beautiful and imaginative places created for and by other LGBT people. One of his objectives is to give these places a platform to be seen by other SL residents, because of the hard work and wonderful results achieved by their creators.

The collection at Gallery Assis is entitled "One Man Guy". It is inspired by the song written by Loudon Wainwright III of the same title, exploring the ramifications of "being your own one and only". The images are:

Three cubic feet
Through and through
Selfish trick

To see more of Ben's work, visit his flickr site Or feel free to IM him if you have any questions.

WATER ELEMENT by Capcat Ragu

CapCat Ragu is an artist with a background on Painting and Art Studies, who has devoted her artistic activity to the Metaverse, working individually and collaboratively in the Second Life virtual environment where she held several solo exhibitions and collaborated with artists from different fields and nationalities.
The present series consists of 6 digital mix media images where water becomes the sensual element.

CONNECTED by Sydney Bonde-Garnet

There is a Chinese myth that says we all have an invisible red string attached to our ankles that connect us through destiny.  It can be stretched and tangled but never broken.  This red string transcends time, places and people.  It is the belief that we are all connected and when it is time for us to meet, we will.  This series is dedicated to those whose red string has brought them together, to share in each others life, to commit and embrace their destiny.