Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gallery Assis is delighted to present Assis Aeternum new exhibits.

Gallery Assis in association with her official sponsor LUMIPro is delighted to present Assis Aeternum new exhibits.

When - Saturday 20th April
Where - Gallery Assis - The Aeternum Suite
Time - 12 noon slt

DH Hotboy and host Floyd Arun providing the, as always, fantastic entertainment.

Dress code - Burlesque/Showtime

Darius Kragin - "Femme" (woman)

With mothers day coming up next month it made me think of women, as a gay male what are they to me ? Well the answer was clear and simple Mothers, Sisters, Friends, Nurturers and Protectors. The female form has always held a fascination to all genders in its beauty and softness.

Here is my ode to those marvelous creations we call Mother, Sister, Friend, Wife, Lovers, Daughters, their bodies hold our very creation.

Beauty, of a Naked Woman, celebrating the form and contours of Women Beautiful, in all her Naked Glory -

"Naked, Beautiful, Supple, Succulent, and Soft,
In your Naked Silhouette, I could get lost.
What a Lovely Vision, it is, to see.
You Rouse, such Fervor, such Passion, within me,
Every Contour, a Delight, to my eyes.
The thought of your Nakedness, alone, makes my nature rise.
Nubile Beauty, like a Nymph, rising, from the sea,
Your Body's Siren Song, so, Seduces me.
Each and every inch of it, leaves me, in Rhapsody.
You're a Statue, of Perfection, Contoured Symmetry.
Your Nakedness, Beautiful, Defines, Femininity"

- Robert Gardiner

Skip Staheli - "perfect Imperfection"

Series dedicated to all really beautiful big women of SecondLife and RL

I think there is beauty in everyone and in every shape...  My sister struggled all her life with fighting the pounds and had a difficult relationship with the scales ├índ mirror. I saw how much pain she had with feeling not confident in her body.
I myself never made a secret of the fact I truly adore curves. And making this BBW series was something I wanted to do for long long time.. so here it is. I wanted to share how a full figured curvy woman looks in my eyes, how I view the softness of a real women's body...  I hope you Enjoy it as much as I do!

Lincoln Garnet - "Apocalypse Now"

What if the world ended, but you were still here?  Would you search out the last man or woman on earth?  How about the last man AND woman on earth?  Come take an erotic trip to the Day After, where out of the rubble rises a decidedly naked norm,  and where Adam & Eve is now Adam & Eve & Eva .

Molly Bloom - "Molly's Impala"

It was the sexiest of times.  She had fun, fun, fun until Molly's Daddy took her Impala away......

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