Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aspects of Solitude

A fabulous new exhibition, sponsored by LUMIPro, opens @ Palais Orleans Gallery Complex this weekend.

Amona Savira and Hartbor Galaxy show us Aspects of Solitude.
The images are intelligent, thought provoking, sensitive and well . . . just gorgeous.

It is such a pleasure to host this exhibition by two such talented artists..

Join us for one of the opening events this Saturday and Sunday.

The artists' statement explaining the thoughts behind  the show
          ”My face in the bathroom mirror
           has white streaks down it.
           I rinse the face and return to bed.
          Tomorrow I am going to visit my mother. ”
                               (from The Glass Essay by Anna Carson)

Just that, to look in the bathroom mirror, seeing herself and only her, no one else there, from a sleepless night and a numb body. The hard light hits her face, head full of dreams and memories.

Solitude – the good and bad of it.

Of course there is a liberating feeling of being by herself, but now she was leaning towards the negative.
More like lived life, like feeling lonely either in the midst of a crowd or by choice. 
All the lonely nights, waiting for nobody…in solitude.

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