Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ok this is a big deal!!

So back in 2006 i was a photography conference in Las Vegas and this little company called NIK software was selling a set of photo filters that worked both with photoshop and standalone.  I paid $149 at the time for a single package of about 5-6 they sold.  When i first came into SL back in 2007 the NIK filters were the magic that helped make my SL photos pop and has been my goto tool of choice for a very long time.

So NIK, as a little side project, made a version than ran on Android called SnapSeed  (if you don't have it you should get it here for Andriod or IOS).  Google loved it so much they acquired the company.  Google had no idea what to do with the PC software so they started selling the complete package for $149 for all 7 aps.  It was cool for me in that since i purchased one of them i got the other 6 for free.  yay me!!

Well Google just blew my mind away and is now giving away the NIK collection for free!!  Holy Crap.  I'm seriously when i say you should have this set of tools for your SL work. 

You can get your *FREE* copy by clicking here