Friday, June 21, 2013

Gallery Assis in Association with LUMIPro

Jessica Belmer "Milk"

A whitish nutritious fluid produced and secreted by the mammary glands of mature female mammals and used for feeding their young until weaned.

Isa Messioptra "Beg"

"Beg" exhibit at Gallery Assis 

Isa uses SL photography, animated textures and even moving scripted prims to tell the journey of one womans domination over a male submissive.

Please join us! Assis also welcomes these 3 talented Artists as resident artists at Assis (Aeternum)  all the girls have accepted.

Time to celebrate them and their art !

Opening party:
When: Saturday June 22 @ 12pm SLT
Tunes: D.J. Hotboy
Host: Floyd Arun
Theme: Slumber Party
Dresscode: P.J's, nighties, undies or whatever it is that you may wear to bed.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Assis Gallery Sponsored by LUMIPro Presents

15th June @ 12PM SLT

Dress in costume !

Your theme for this opening is Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Gallery Assis hosts some of the BEST in Second Life.

Your artists are :

Burk Bode - "Neon"

Pablo Picasso said "Everything you can imagine is real." He is right. Living in a world that is completely created from scratch just by the imagination of its residents you experience this. A place where you can invent yourself new every day and for a creative person a place where you MUST create yourself new every single day.

Whiskey Monday "Someone Else's Light"

Exploring the idea of personal space, this series was shot in other people's homes. The feeling of vulnerability while standing nude in someone else's space was surprising. I'm thankful for those who opened their homes to me. 

Gregor Tenk "Shoegasm"

A series dedicated to women's obsession with shoes. What is this fascination with shoes, why the obsession? I'm a man and can offer no insight into the mind of a woman, nor would I ever dare to, but I can tell you there is nothing more pleasing then to see my woman in a new pair of shoes, the instant sex appeal of her freshly found confidence. Maybe it's the heels, making her taller that instills the confidence when a new shoe is slid on. maybe it's knowing it's something new, an accessory to compliment the natural beauty? I have no clue, but this series is for woman, their shoes & the men that love them.

Floraclayflower Beeswing "Pulvarized - Part 2"

The story of a male embracing, dancing and slowly loosing himself and his identity into a cloud of dust. Finally he disappears completely. Nothing is left but an idea, a faint colour, a possibility. Out of that something re-assembles. A figure heaves and shakes and feels it's way back out, but the body that emerges is the body of a woman.