Monday, November 30, 2015

Beta Is Really Close

(just a reminder that updates are always free)

Sharing a quick shot from beta testing tonight.  We went to a random sim we've never been to today and found this one car parked in the corner of the garage.  Only had to derez 2 lights.  We were lucky they allowed limited time rez, but once Sammie sat on a sitball it wont return.  She also wore the wearable projector.  By the end we have 9 presets from this shoot i'll likely recycle again at some later point.  We're getting close to release.   Pose from a vista animations AO that i raided and stuffed in my HUD.  :D

Friday, November 13, 2015

And A 1... And A 2... And A Beta 3!

*** Walks into the room with a mischievous smile and a list. Taking a seat at the desk she sits the list down before looking up at the crowd. ***

I know everyone has been anxious and waiting for beta 3; well it is here! First here is the list of our new testers...

Ansel Artful
Aprilsue Resident
Benvinudo Moskalev
Briidee Resident
Cyrece Delicioso
djldyh3ll adored
Ember Adored
Felizitas Barbosa 
Heidi Rewell
Janie Delicioso
Megz Xevious
MokaTana Boa
Neda Andel
Nick99 Razor
Oliviamarie Resident
Rissa Bolissima
Selene Starflare
Sir Silentghost
Tallyesin Resident
Tiviyah Resident

Congratulations to you all! To all of our current beta testers just wear your beta 2 and you should update. To all of our new testers message me in world for your hud. We are still looking for animation creators to be a part of LUMIPro 2016; if you are interested please message me in world. Also if you are a blogger who would like to interview Stefan please fill out this form. Well I think that is enough for today. Until next time... Happy Shooting!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Playing with LUMIPro 2016 beta (and miss LUMIPro :D)

So I normally let Sammie take the lead on this blog and i've  kept my chatter on the beta over on the beta blog( but i thought i'd share a little about the beta with everyone.  I spent much of yesterday and today (probably about 16-18 hours) making the camera save work not only in the exact spot you saved the preset, but also to take that camera position in world and compute the current relative positon of the camera to the Avi.  There are some subtle limitations of the SL scripting language about what the server vs client knows about avi position etc.  It was some seriously bad ass math shit i had to work out.  I hated 3D math in college frankly  lol.  I threw my arms up in the air several times. It got even more frustrating when i made about 2 hours of code changes and SL crashed and i lost the entire prim with the code it it.  Always fun to invest in this stuff twice (NOT).  But i plowed through all it and today i took the new hud with the new capability that i took out into other sims for a first test spin.  Just picked an fairly random (although really cool) place on the destination guide with samme and shot.  This is the photo we decided to publish.  Sammie is wearing ball lights as well as the wearable projector which i used only to create a soft background light for the room.  This photo is raw from SL except for a quick crop in Photoshop.

I hopefully will release beta 3 in about a week and the goal is the full product release will be during the holiday season.   Sammie is collecting names of LUMIPro owners that want to be part of the beta 3 and beyond checkout.   Also we're working to refresh some of the animations sold mostly as demos.  If you know of any pose designers that want to trade a few poses in the hud for some publicity on our side, let Sammie know.

Model:  miss LUMMIPro (aka Sammie)
Location:  (a no rez sim)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

LUMIPro 2016 Beta Testers Announced... Round 2!

*** Walks into the room carrying the much anticipated list of beta testers to be added in round two. Smiling she turns to the crowd. *** 

Why hello everyone! Guess what? Stefan finished LUMIPro 2016 Beta 2 early! Don't worry if you have been testing beta 1 just wear your hud and it should update for you. I will be passing out huds to our new beta testers this evening. If your name is on the list just message Samantha Ansar-Buscaylet (SamoanHoneyPot Resident) in world and I will get you your hud!

*** Shuffles around looking for the list she put down. Finding it she picks it up and pins it to the wall. ***

I wouldn't want to lose that you all might smack me. Well here it is list number 2...

Apryl Twist
 Danelle Windlow
Eli Braveheart
Elroy Click
Hannibal Rotaru
Hollie Bulmer
Hondo Waco
Kaleb Appletor
LiamSaxony Resident
Lyrical Ember
Mina Nakamura
Petr Vanbeeck
Raindance Broadfoot
Ravenlynn Templar
Roxi Richez
Savannah Porterfield
Setsuko Mochizuki
Shelmark Resident
Sin Dielli
Sumomo Cheri
Synful Aeon
Vamerya Vallejo
Wild Bedrosian

A huge congratulations to each of you! If you are still interested in beta testing just fill out the form here. Please remember that you must be a current LUMIPro owner to apply. If you are one of our many readers who is interested in LUMIPro, but hasn't taken the plunge, because you are worried you won't get the update... Don't worry LUMIPro updates are always free! Well I think that is all for now, until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Skips back to Stefan's workshop to await all of the excitement and sneaks into chat. ***


Sunday, November 1, 2015

It Is The Big Day... LUMIPro 2016 Beta Testers Announced Round 1!

*** Walks into the room holding the list that everyone has been waiting for. Grinning with excitement, she pins it up for all to see. ***

Well I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the news so I will get right to it; here is the list of testers for our first round of beta. Congratulations to you all...

Addison Summerwind
Aerlon Resident
Aida Lundquist
Asa Vordun
Babiikitten Resident
BroderickLogan Resident
CandiceTorra Resident
Carley Noonan
Gwen Enchanted
Harry Lamplugh
Jackson Redstar
Jadelyn McAuley
Jenjen Sommerfleck
Kerena Zhangsun
Meryll Panther
Nirrad Pond
Peep Sideshow
Queenbmommi Resident
Ryanna Foxclaw
Texasrob Resident
Ukemochi Resident
Val Caxton
Victoria Lenoirre

Beta testers if you could please message me in world I will pass you the new hud! Please bookmark LUMIPro's Beta Blog so we can keep you informed. I will be writing a blog post on the beta blog today for all our testers. Also make sure you are in the group we will be giving a beta tester tag.

If you do not see your name on the list? Don't worry we will be adding more testers for beta 2! You can apply here.

Stefan and I are so excited, and we can't wait to hear what everyone thinks!  Congratulations again beta testers! Well until next time... Happy Shooting!