Thursday, November 5, 2015

LUMIPro 2016 Beta Testers Announced... Round 2!

*** Walks into the room carrying the much anticipated list of beta testers to be added in round two. Smiling she turns to the crowd. *** 

Why hello everyone! Guess what? Stefan finished LUMIPro 2016 Beta 2 early! Don't worry if you have been testing beta 1 just wear your hud and it should update for you. I will be passing out huds to our new beta testers this evening. If your name is on the list just message Samantha Ansar-Buscaylet (SamoanHoneyPot Resident) in world and I will get you your hud!

*** Shuffles around looking for the list she put down. Finding it she picks it up and pins it to the wall. ***

I wouldn't want to lose that you all might smack me. Well here it is list number 2...

Apryl Twist
 Danelle Windlow
Eli Braveheart
Elroy Click
Hannibal Rotaru
Hollie Bulmer
Hondo Waco
Kaleb Appletor
LiamSaxony Resident
Lyrical Ember
Mina Nakamura
Petr Vanbeeck
Raindance Broadfoot
Ravenlynn Templar
Roxi Richez
Savannah Porterfield
Setsuko Mochizuki
Shelmark Resident
Sin Dielli
Sumomo Cheri
Synful Aeon
Vamerya Vallejo
Wild Bedrosian

A huge congratulations to each of you! If you are still interested in beta testing just fill out the form here. Please remember that you must be a current LUMIPro owner to apply. If you are one of our many readers who is interested in LUMIPro, but hasn't taken the plunge, because you are worried you won't get the update... Don't worry LUMIPro updates are always free! Well I think that is all for now, until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Skips back to Stefan's workshop to await all of the excitement and sneaks into chat. ***


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