Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please Join Us For ......

LUMIpro demo, Wednesday , February 1st @ 10AM SLT. We will show you how this all works and be there for your questions for 1 hour. Please be able to hear voice, you don't have to talk .

Meet you @ LUMIpro World Headquarters 10 AM.

Monday, January 30, 2012

An Example Shoot Using the L3 Projectors

So I thought I'd share a shoot I did earlier using the new L3 projectors. I got the idea of the shoot from an old album cover that was stuck in my head

So I pinged a couple modeling groups and Reneesme Portland said she was game. We went out shopping.

In my mind I wanted the photos similar to Christina Aguilar on the left and a shot to show off the shadows on right.

Here is my final shot. (click the image to see it full screen)

To show the working set, here are two images raw from the camera.

Shoot notes: 30 minutes shopping, 45 minutes shooting, about 60 minutes in Photoshop (mostly goofing with light bulbs right. NIK Color FX used for page 1 color along. The font came from a Photoshop tutorial here.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Projector Video Training and Demo

We made some tweaks to the final released 0.8 from what is recorded here, but this video is a great starting point to understanding projectors.

(be sure to watch full screen in HD mode)

Friday, January 27, 2012

LUMIpro L3 Press Release

Immediate Release.

On Saturday, January 28, 2012, @ 4PM SLT, the LUMIPro team is releasing the first commercial-grade photography system in Second Life to incorporate projection prims.

LUMIPro is already the professional choice for controlled lighting in virtual worlds. Hundreds of top Second Life photographers, bloggers, machinamists, and artists are using LUMIPro daily in nearly every form of commercial publication and gallery exhibit, and they expect unprecedented levels of control and flexibility, and for LUMIPro to remain on the cutting edge as new technologies become available. As a commitment to our existing customers, the addition of projection prim is being offered as a free upgrade.

Stefan Buscaylet, the lead developer for LUMIPro, first presented the concepts of projection prims at the Second Life Community Conference (SLCC) in August of 2011. "Imagine high end real life flash lights with controlled focus and intensity and add to it both the ability to add a colored gel and an ability to project various textures and you get the basic idea of the L3 projector," says Stefan. He lead a multi-month effort with tight team of key photography experts of prototyping various concepts to best integrate projection prim into the L3 project. "The final solution is culmination of 10 different pro types and incorporates some great ideas from customers into a seamless solution with only limited additional learning required" says Stefan.

The L3 projector takes not only the concept of a focused light, but also offers the concept used regularly with hot lights RL calls "gobos." Gobos, or "go betweens," are textures placed between the light and the model and scene which add texture and depth to the lighting. "A tree casting a richly textured light of the sun onto a model and scene is an example of a gobo. Now imagine having that level of control times ten," says Stefan. Each L3 Projector offers nine different textured bulbs with five different gobos, and when combined with hundreds of different gel and intensity combinations gives nearly limitless control to the photographer. L3 allows control of any number of projectors.

An example of using an L3 system using existing modeling lights along with the new projectors. Stefan did this shot for a customer with only 5 minutes of setup shot in the corner of his skybox against a white wall.

Version 3 of LUMIpro is for artists and pro photographers who demand complete creative control.

What our client base has to say about LUMIpro ....

Reviews from LUMIpro User Base

Definitely an Improvement

Posted August 21, 2011 by Lincoln Garnet 5 stars

I’ve been using the Lumipro products for quite some time and I LOVE the power it gives me. Very nice system – between being able to pose models (male & female) and run through personal lights – always guaranteed to light a subject just right.

And on top of all that, customer service is fantastic. The one time I had an issue, the manufacturer got right back to me and helped troubleshoot.

Jasilyn Amiot: I am in love with this hud it has awaken my love of photography in sl again, it gives me so much freedom to explore the many many wind-light settings that set the mood

Thalia Heckroth: Been a LUMIPRO user for a long, long time.
It is by far one of the best tools we have on Second Life for photography purposes!

This is the best

Posted September 06, 2011 by AylaNeissa Magic 5 stars

when taking Second Life pictures I find an excellent lighting source is Lumi-Pro This is among the best I have ever found on the market place. After working with daz, vue, poser and other digital art tools I really know the value of a good light source. Lumi-Pro lights is similar to what I work with in these digital art programs and Its well worth the price. Very easy to use not a big learning curve so it is very user friendly. I LOVE IT! This is the perfect Second Life photographers lighting source.

Imagine Magazine Interview with Stefan Buscaylet

Contact Information:
Colleen Criss: colleencriss@gmail.com
Manual and product pictures available at lumipro.blogspot.com
A collection of L3 customer photos are available here http://www.flickr.com/groups/lumipro/

Join us at 4pm SLT at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Opium/114/93/25 for our intro party. Music provided by Miles Eleventhauer.

Come meet the L3 team.

Also , our new and constantly updated manual in downloadable pdf format can be found HERE.
Come see some of the awesome photography of LUMIpro.

One lucky person will win a LUMIpro L3!

LUMIpro L3

For more information contact Colleen Criss or Stefan Buscaylet or visit this blog


Video Edited and Produced by Babenco & Criss Machinima, Second Life