Sunday, September 29, 2019

Good and Evil Favorites Picked!

Hello Everyone! Well, we had an awesome response to our last theme: Good and Evil! Let me show you some of my favorites, and then I will announce the next theme. Here we go... 

They did such a wonderful job. Congratulations and thank you to all who participated! Our next theme is...


To participate in LUMIPro's Theme of the Week just submit your themed photos to LUMIPro's Flickr Group. Be sure you also include LUMIProThemeWeek4 in your title. (This helps us when we search for them.) We accept entries until Saturday at 12 AM each week.

I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with! We have some exciting things happening in October so keep your eyes open!

Well until next time... Happy Shooting!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

LUMIPro's New Theme Of The Week!

Hey, there all you lovely LUMI-users! I was so excited to see that we had a lot more participation in this last theme of the week! I cannot wait for you guys to see some of the favorites. Let's do it... 

Everyone did such a wonderful job it was so hard to choose! Congratulations everyone! As everyone knows LUMIPro Theme Of The Week is fairly new so we are still working out all the kinks. This week when you title your photos please include LUMIProThemeWeek3. The number will help us keep track of the week we are on!

So now for the fun part, a new theme...


Do not forget photos need to be posted in the LUMIPro Flickr Group, not the contest group. I am so excited to see what everyone does with this theme!

Until next time... Happy Shooting!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Theme Of The Week!

Hello, my lovelies! We had our very first them of the week this last week with, ''A Little Bit Of Magic'' Since it was our first theme I thought I would everyone a bit more time, but I am ready to share a few of my favorites with you all. Here we go...

These photos are wonderful! I want to thank everyone who took time to participate in this theme of the week. So now for the new theme...


It seemed like people were struggling a bit with tagging photos so I thought I would try having people add LUMIProThemeWeek to their photo title. 

So to take part in this weeks theme add your photos to LUMIPro's Flickr Group, put LUMIProThemeWeek in your title, and don't forget to use LUMIPro!

We will stop taking entries on Friday, and we will announce our favorites with a new theme on Saturday. 

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Until next time... Happy Shooting!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Announcing LUMIPro's Theme Of The Week!

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I hope you all have had an amazing week thus far. I thought we could start the week off with something fun. This idea was brought to us by one of you, Scarlett Rhea! As we all know sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration for that next picture. So to help we are bringing LUMIPro's Theme Of The Week! Here's how it will work:

Each Friday we will announce a new theme. If we have had a theme the previous week we will share some of our favorites with you as well. This isn't about prizes or anything just inspiration and fun! If you would like to participate in the theme of the week just add your photo to LUMIPro's Flickr Group with the LUMIProThemeWeek (If you need help with how to tag a photo just ask.) Oh and don't forget to use LUMIPro in your pictures!

See simple! So here is our first theme:


If you guys have ideas for themes just message me in Second Life, Samantha Ansar-Buscaylet (samoanhoneypot). I can not wait to see what you guys come up with! If this is something everyone seems to enjoy we will keep it going.

Well until next time... Happy Shooting!