Sunday, September 22, 2019

LUMIPro's New Theme Of The Week!

Hey, there all you lovely LUMI-users! I was so excited to see that we had a lot more participation in this last theme of the week! I cannot wait for you guys to see some of the favorites. Let's do it... 

Everyone did such a wonderful job it was so hard to choose! Congratulations everyone! As everyone knows LUMIPro Theme Of The Week is fairly new so we are still working out all the kinks. This week when you title your photos please include LUMIProThemeWeek3. The number will help us keep track of the week we are on!

So now for the fun part, a new theme...


Do not forget photos need to be posted in the LUMIPro Flickr Group, not the contest group. I am so excited to see what everyone does with this theme!

Until next time... Happy Shooting!

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