Thursday, October 25, 2012

LUMIPro Spotlight

This LUMIPro Spotlight is courtesy of Corinne J. Helendale, LUMIPro Master. Corinne is not only a fabulous artist she is also part of the LUMIPro team and has spent countless hours in assisting in development and developed  the LUMIPro manual .

It is a pleasure to show her choices for the LUMIPro Spotlight !


Basking in the Moonlight


The Unbearable Lightness

Into the dark water



Summer Wind

Mojo Contest


After Her Bath

Please take a moment to click on thee photos to visit awesome artists Flickr pages to enjoy more of their work or visit the LUMIPro Flickr
Visit our sales floor and grab a copy of the fully functional demo of the LUMIPro V3 HUD and see what you can do for yourself ! (Please remember, do NOT tp out of the sales room in the demo HUD as it will cease to function) 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Piano Concerto No.69


The following machinima was shot using the LUMIPro V3. If you are offended with adult content please do not click the links.

Piano Concerto No.69

Piano Concerto No.69

Original Sin Pictures proudly presents our first feature film entitled “Piano Concerto No.69” Starring the lovely Bacardi Lexenstar and VixenFlame. We hope you enjoy!

Naughty Machinima

Watch The LOGO AD here.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

LUMIPro in Live Machinima

This is the second post recording Shadow's Silhouette Dancers this time in their show Kaleidoscope.  (her first show using LUMIPro is here)

Theater is in my blood and to see a well executed show in SL is always fun.  What makes Shadow's shows amazing beyond the great sets and costumes is her very focused effort to match the dance with the musical segments.   You can check out thier show schedule here.

This is a great example of machinima and how well LUMIPro can work in such settings.  The dancers were on and off stage and the lights properly tracked them.  It also worked well with the existing stage lights.  Notice the shadow cast during the first segment as a great example.

In this show i placed 3 point lights on each of the 6 dancers and had 3 dancers also wearing projectors.  I had 3 dancers per LUMIPro HUD and was wearing two huds making adjustments on the fly as needed.

On a techie front, i used FRAPS and Sony Vegas 11.0.