Friday, November 13, 2015

And A 1... And A 2... And A Beta 3!

*** Walks into the room with a mischievous smile and a list. Taking a seat at the desk she sits the list down before looking up at the crowd. ***

I know everyone has been anxious and waiting for beta 3; well it is here! First here is the list of our new testers...

Ansel Artful
Aprilsue Resident
Benvinudo Moskalev
Briidee Resident
Cyrece Delicioso
djldyh3ll adored
Ember Adored
Felizitas Barbosa 
Heidi Rewell
Janie Delicioso
Megz Xevious
MokaTana Boa
Neda Andel
Nick99 Razor
Oliviamarie Resident
Rissa Bolissima
Selene Starflare
Sir Silentghost
Tallyesin Resident
Tiviyah Resident

Congratulations to you all! To all of our current beta testers just wear your beta 2 and you should update. To all of our new testers message me in world for your hud. We are still looking for animation creators to be a part of LUMIPro 2016; if you are interested please message me in world. Also if you are a blogger who would like to interview Stefan please fill out this form. Well I think that is enough for today. Until next time... Happy Shooting!


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