Sunday, November 8, 2015

Playing with LUMIPro 2016 beta (and miss LUMIPro :D)

So I normally let Sammie take the lead on this blog and i've  kept my chatter on the beta over on the beta blog( but i thought i'd share a little about the beta with everyone.  I spent much of yesterday and today (probably about 16-18 hours) making the camera save work not only in the exact spot you saved the preset, but also to take that camera position in world and compute the current relative positon of the camera to the Avi.  There are some subtle limitations of the SL scripting language about what the server vs client knows about avi position etc.  It was some seriously bad ass math shit i had to work out.  I hated 3D math in college frankly  lol.  I threw my arms up in the air several times. It got even more frustrating when i made about 2 hours of code changes and SL crashed and i lost the entire prim with the code it it.  Always fun to invest in this stuff twice (NOT).  But i plowed through all it and today i took the new hud with the new capability that i took out into other sims for a first test spin.  Just picked an fairly random (although really cool) place on the destination guide with samme and shot.  This is the photo we decided to publish.  Sammie is wearing ball lights as well as the wearable projector which i used only to create a soft background light for the room.  This photo is raw from SL except for a quick crop in Photoshop.

I hopefully will release beta 3 in about a week and the goal is the full product release will be during the holiday season.   Sammie is collecting names of LUMIPro owners that want to be part of the beta 3 and beyond checkout.   Also we're working to refresh some of the animations sold mostly as demos.  If you know of any pose designers that want to trade a few poses in the hud for some publicity on our side, let Sammie know.

Model:  miss LUMMIPro (aka Sammie)
Location:  (a no rez sim)

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