Sunday, October 12, 2014

A First Crack At Animated GIFS.

I'm a huge fan of Tumblr and if you've been there you've certainly seen a large percentage of photos as animated GIF files.  Animated GIF files tend to work on picture based websites better than videos plus gives the ability to loop which most browser based players do not. Here is the animated GIF I made as a first project, and I thought I'd share the experience.

This stretched my abilities more than I expected.  lol  Unlike still photos or videos, the animated GIFs have a lot of details especially how web sites accept (or ignore) GIFS.  For example I learned (the hard way) that Tumblr ignores GIFS greater than 1MB and flickr just flat ignores gifs except if you view the original final.  Last i learned that animated GIFS can be a larger file size that the video it was rendered from.  lol

Sammie was wearing her new Belleza Mesh Body and with a quick rez of a couple white prim as backdrop, a LUMIPro projector, and sitball rezzed.  I selected the "blinds" bulb in medium rotation.

So to capture the video I used FRAPS which isn't free ($39).  You can also consider using Gyazo to capture the video but limits both video capture quality. In my mind FRAPS is well worth the investment for the butter smooth videos it creates.  (BTW if you want to see one of my full videos I've done using FRAPS for capture check out this video).  I normally capture 30FPS (frames per second), but since this was targeting an animated GIF I'm going to use 10FPS. I'm not sure this was a good idea in retrospect, but I did).

Once the video is captured you have a lot of options.  I used Sony Vegas for a quick edit, although you can skip this step for most cases. 

Here is the video file I ended up with.


Next I took the video file into photoshop.  Use File->Import->Video Frames to Layers.  To keep the file size down I skipped every 2nd frame.

I selected window->timeline.  Since I removed every other frame I had to change the time per frame to 2x so the speed would be back to normal.  In this case it went from 0.04 to 0.08 sec/frame. I selected all frames and set it to 0.08sec/frame.

Now to save the GIF.  Its super easy to save a GIF so large the many websites will reject it.  For example Tumblr doesn't allow GIF files larger than 1MB.

Before I did that I did just a basic crop in photoshop to ditch a bunch of pixels.  After that then select 
File->Save for Web

So the goal is to adjust the final GIF size to be below 1MB (959K for this example) which left me with a 165px x 281px image.  I know why so many GIFs are black and white now as it allowed me to go to a 32 color pallet to save file size.

Done!   Whew that was a lot of work!

What really surprises me is that Flickr doesn't naturally support GIF files in its display.  I guess this will always separate Tumblr from Flickr.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

LUMIPro Spotlight Time!

***Walks into the LUMIPro Salesroom rolling a suitcase behind her***

***Turns with a big smile sitting on the desk before ushering 10 big strapping men in with new photos. After watching them for a moment, a smile of appreciation on her face, she turns to face you.***

Oh, hello again everyone! I hope everyone is doing amazingly well, and I hope that you all are enjoying your LUMIPro 3.4! The work that everyone has been adding to the LUMIPro Flickr Group is just amazing. So now that I am back from vacation, I thought I would share some! 

***Flipping the switch on the wall the lights come on to reveal new photos on the wall***

Exhale by Cindy Starostin

Lady Tonbo by Wendz Tempest

.scarlet. by Asa Vordun

ssshhhh... No One Can Hear YOU! by Noel Texangel

"A Merman's Love" by Addison Summerwind

For more great photos do not forget to check out LUMIPro World Headquarters or for even more great artwork check out the LUMIPro Art Gallery

Well there you have some amazing works created by our very own users! We have many new exciting things in the works for the upcoming holidays so keep shooting! Well until next time...

***Stands and grabbing the handle to her suitcase she slowly walks to the door. As she goes to flip off the light switch she turns and gives a playful wink.***

Friday, September 26, 2014

And The Winner Is....

Whitburn Blackburn!

Do you remember that customer survey you all filled out for us? We want to thank you all for your time, but we have a winner! As the winner Whitburn Blackburn received 1000 lindens from Mr. LUMIPro himself! She will also be featured in the LUMIPro blog very soon! Keep a look out it is going to be great! Congratulations to Whit!

Happy Shooting Everybody!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

LUMIPro 3.4 Introduction Video

Welcome to the world of LUMIPro with our V3.4 release.  This is the 7th major release of LUMIPro in 4 years and owners will always get free upgrades.  Designed to empower the high end pro and be easy enough for for selfies.  The system grows with you.  With the goal of more productive shooting, more creative options, ability to free yourself form just your studio and head into the wonderful designed world of SL, LUMIPro is your photography HUD of choice

The video below walks you through the features of LUMIPro ending in the photo above.  Be sure to watch in HD if you can. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

You Are Invited!

This post is no muss or fuss... We just can't wait to see you Saturday!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Breaking News At LUMIPro ... Party Time!

The sound of Teletype Machines fills the background.  As Star reporter Sammie Ansar reaches over and rips the paper lose.  Scanning the informations quickly she look up to the camera and smiles.

This just in the new release of LUMIPro 3.4.1 is a booming success.  Stefan Buscaylet owner and creator of LUMIPro was just spotted outside his offices today where he announced this.

Cuts to a black and white film real of Mr. Buscaylet in front of the LUMIPro offices.

I want to thank each and every person here in Second Life that has helped this company grow to what it is today.  So in appreciation of everyones devotion to us here at LUMIPro we are going to have a special event.

I would like to invite each and every one of you to an appreciation night.  Where we here at LUMIPro are going to honor you, our friends, family and loyal customers.  We will have  DJ Ambrosous Core from 7pm SLT to 9pm SLT on the night of September 13, 2014.  The location has been custom built for the evening and filled with easels where we would like to display your favorite photos taken with LUMIPro.  The day of the party they will all be set for sale for 0L so that everyone can buy one to add their photo  If you are not good at that kind of stuff you can pass the photos to Sammie (Full perm of course) and she will display them for you.  We will be leaving this flash gallery up for at least a month. We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you there.  We couldn't have done this without all of you!

Fades to black on Mr. Buscaylet waving goodbye to the cameras
Cutting back to Sammie behind the desk....

You heard it here first folks.  LUMIPro is going to have a Customer Appreciation Night September 13, 2014 from 7pm to 9pm. Everyone who is anyone will be in attendance.  We will see you there.  This is Sammie Ansar signing off for the night.

LUMIPro Party Spot! Go have a look so you will know what to wear!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fast start with your new V3.4 HUD

Yay the new LUMIPro V3.4 HUD was released yesterday. 

So your V3.3 HUD has all your poses in it as well well as presets and possibly pose catalog.  Now that the new V3.4 HUD was delivered whats the best way to get the information transfered.

The answer is easy.  The backup server allows you not only to save a copy of all your poses and configs in case linden decides to go bonkers, it also allows you to transfer all the information from a V3.3 to a V3.4 HUD.

Hope this video helps make this a piece of cake.  :)  (watch the video in HD resolution if possible)