Thursday, December 18, 2014

And The Winner Is...

***Walks into the room two men all dressed up for Christmas and carrying two large covered photo frames.***

Oh hey there everyone! Well I know you all have been waiting, some impatiently, to hear who won LUMIPro's Holiday Advertisement Contest. Well here they are... 

***Steps in front of the two frames and pulls the covers off to reveal the advertisements.***

by Sumomo Cheri

by Peep Sideshow

***Watches as a third person walks into the room carrying another large photo frame and places it next to the others.***

Oh yes! There were so many great entries Stefan could not just pick two; take a look at his third selection!

by Ravenlynn Templar

Everyone did such an amazing job! We really want to thank everyone who participated. All of the entries were so amazing that you never know when they might just pop up! Sumomo, Peep, and Raven all received 5,000 lindens for being our winners... Congratulations!

LUMIPro is the perfect holiday gift for all the photographers in your life, from a pro to those just learning the ropes. 

***Gets up slowly walking to the door, turning off the lights, and switching on the holiday lights before turning to smile.***

With that said... Happy Holidays and Happy Shooting!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Raising The Stakes!

*** Walks into the room excitedly waving a newspaper in the air. ***

Boy, do we have some exciting news today! Stefan and I were chatting, and he is so excited to see what you all are going to come up with for the holiday advertisements. He is excited enough to raise the stakes! Each winner of the contest will now receive 5,000 Lindens instead of 3,500! 

Here is a quick reminder of all the details...
  1. The advertisements must be holiday themed.
  2. The advertisements of must use LUMIPro (Of Course!)
  3. All contest entries must be e-mailed to Sammie Ansar by December 15th!
  4. We will be picking two winners! They will be featured in our promotions, and they will each receive 5,000 lindens!
  5. Please email entries to Be sure to include your full avatar name.
Please remember that by entering the contest you give LUMIPro permission to use your work in our promotions. We will of course always give you credit for your work!

We look forward to seeing  what everyone can do! Don't forget entries are do by December 15th!

*** Gets up, walks to the door, and turns to smile. ***

Oh and these might help...
(If you need any help getting the logos just let me know)

Happy Shooting!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Show Us What You Can Do!

Have you ever seen an AD for LUMIPro and thought, "Wow I wish I could make something like that." Well now is your chance! Stefan and I are looking for some new Christmas advertisements, and we thought why not see what are talented users can do! So here are the details...
  1. The advertisements must be holiday themed.
  2. The advertisements of must use LUMIPro (Of Course!)
  3. All contest entries must be e-mailed to Sammie Ansar by December 15th!
  4. We will be picking two winners! They will be featured in our promotions, and they will each receive 3,500 lindens!
  5. Please email entries to Be sure to include your full avatar name.

We look forward to seeing  what everyone can do! Don't forget entries are do by December 15th!
Happy Shooting!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Molly Bloom Presents Depth Perception At The Rose Gallery!

Hi there everyone... 

Normally when I do a blog post I like to tell you all a story, but tonight I think it is time for someone else to tell their story. Molly Bloom has been a long time user and supporter of LUMIPro. She tells a story, through her photography, in a class all her own. Well on December 7, 2014 Molly will be sharing some of her beautiful work in a collection called Depth Perception and presented by The Rose Gallery. Before I ramble on lets hear her story...

The thing about artists is they get a feel for something, and it sticks to them. That “thing” is always sitting there in the background, lurking, waiting, until it reveals itself somewhere in their art.   

For me, it started was when I was 17, visiting the Louvre in Paris, and I wandered into the Dutch art room. I was captive there for hours looking at the artists from the Antwerp school who pioneered a style that has influenced art to this day.  Their sense of lighting and color created a permanent scar on my brain, and influenced much of the art I was to make my entire life. However, I was never a good painter, and I couldn’t take a real-life picture if someone held a gun to my head. Instead, I spent years working with other mediums: glass, clay, metal, decoupage, cement(!), to name just a few.  But the desire to create art with the lighting effect called chiaroscuro, which is the effect of contrasted shadow and light, has been lurking, waiting for an outlet.

Along comes Second Life. When it was suggested I take photos, and for the first time saw the works of Skip Staheli and Trindolyn Beck, two major influences on me, I laughed.  Yeah, right.  I knew I could not take a picture, and I’d never done digital art. So I’d take the most hideous pictures, flat and uninspiring. But again, like with any artist, the challenge was there. I swore I’d figure this out.

I kept taking pictures, adding context, and a photographer friend, Royal, started talking to me about lighting. I was so defensive, figuring my pictures were good ENOUGH, and really not understanding what lighting would do to enhance my “art”. Then the memories flooded back, and that age-old desire to paint like Carravagio, Peter Paul Rubens and Rembrandt, et al, resurfaced.

And then I discovered the LUMIPro hud. With the first shadow I made with my hud, a tidal wave of creative emotion came over me. No longer were my pictures flat, they sprang to life.  My avatars became almost 3D. I GOT IT!! I have thanked Stefan Buscaylet over and over. The hud he created does so much, and is so easy to use, that even someone that has ZERO knowledge of photography can create amazing pictures in this virtual world. I am dedicating, in part, my new series Depth Perception to him because his lighting tool caused my flat world to spring to life, and allowed me to finally create my longtime dream. I am still finding new and surprising ways to use the hud in a constant dance with windlights. Stefan really knows his stuff. I use his hud constantly, and often will have someone at a club IM me and say...umm, you know you have some balls and a camera revolving around you? Oops, forgot. 

Kudos LUMIPro. 

I have had the pleasure of a sneak peak at a few of these pieces, and I am just amazed. The photos in this blog entry do not do the collection justice. These works of art mix 2D and 3D techniques to come alive in ways you will not forget. I do hope everyone will take a moment to stop by The Rose Gallery. Molly's work will be on display through the month of December. Congratulations Molly!

As I am sure you all have guessed Molly took all of her photos with the help of the LUMIPro Hud. To try a demo check out our Sales Studio in world!

 Everyone is invited!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Art of Elegance!

*** Comes into the sales room, holding a pile of what looks like magazines, and sits down at the desk with a smile. ***

Oh hey everyone! Each and everyone of you know how much we here at LUMIPro love seeing your photos. I am proud to announce that we found another person, Lion Wildmist, who loves the photography of Second Life! He loves it so much he decided to start a magazine! The Art of Elegance had it's very first issue come out today. To find out more I had a quick chat with Lion.

*** Picks up a small remote from the desk and hits the play button. ***

What is the Art of Elegance all about? What is your mission or goal?
Lion: The Art of Elegance is about showcasing the works of current masters and highly motivated students of Second Life photography. It is to show not only what is possible but hopefully inspire, motivate, and spark a creative spirit in other Second Life photographers to say, “I like that .. I want to try to do something like that.” My goal with Art of Elegance is three fold. First, showing the works of some of the best visual images in Second Life, images that tell a story or express an emotion. Secondly, I want to show up and coming Second Life photographers what is possible with practice and desire. Third, to introduce photographers to other mentors, inspirational motivators, and just plain good ole nice people who love photography.

What inspired you to start the magazine?
Lion: I am constantly looking at Flickr and talking to my extremely creative photographer wife, Addison Wildmist (Summerwind) about photography, art, and the creative process. Our discussion, her inspirational view of art and her love, support, and generosity in showing me not only what is possible but to reach for the stars in becoming a better photographer are truly the inspiration that has launched the magazine.

How did you find all of the artists to take part in the premiere issue?
Lion: Currently, I use a two fold process. One, I have a number fellow photographers that either myself or my wife follow on Flickr. Two, I ask fellow photographers for their source of inspiration.

How can artists who might want to be a part of future issues get involved?
Lion: If anyone has recommendations for contributing artists to the magazine, please contact me via email at or via Flickr mail. I ask that recommendations include the artist name and their website or Flickr site. I will review and make contact with each artist that meets the standards of being truly inspirational.

How often will new issues be released?
Lion: Each new issue will be released on the 1st of the month.

Where can everyone get their own copy of the latest issue?
Lion: The magazine can be found at The Art of Elegance. So get your copy today!
*** Picks up the remote, presses the stop button, and claps her hands together. *** 
Well there you have it! All of us here at LUMIPro would like to say congratulations to Lion Wildmist, and all of this month's featured artists!

Until next time... happy shooting!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our 3.4 Video Library!!

*** Walks into the LUMIPro Sales Studio quietly pulling down a white projector screen. Then walks over to an old fashioned film projector and slowly threads a film through before looking up. ***

Oh hello again everyone! What is all this, you ask? Well we here at LUMIPro recognize that buying a LUMIPro can be a big step. For most of our users it was a very thought out, and well considered, purchase. We know that when you are considering making such an investment in your photography that you might have lots of questions. To help answer some of these questions Stefan has been working hard to give you some great video tutorials.

The first video is great for those people who really want a detailed look at the differences between LUMIPro and a photo studio. Oh you already own a photo studio? Well this video will also show you how they can work together for a better quality photo!

The second video we have for you is a great overview of hud functions and capabilities. To excited to sit down and read the manual? This video is for you! (Hint: This video also works great for seasoned LUMIPro users who need a refresher or want to know about new features.)

The last video is to help everyone who is switching from an older hud to a newer version. It makes reloading poses and presets so much easier!

We look forward to bringing you more helpful tutorials in the future! To be the first to know check out LUMIPro's YouTube Channel. If there are any tutorials you would like to see us film please don't hesitate to ask!

*** Gets up and slowly walks over to turn off the projector, slides the screen back into place, and makes her way to the door before turning with a smile. ***

Oh and until next time... Happy shooting!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gobos Gobos and Well... Gobos!

***Flips off her projector and turns to smile at you***

Oh why hello there! It is great to see you all again. Oh how was i getting those cool shadows on the wall you ask? Well that comes from LUMIPro's very own gobos in each projector!

You would like some of the cool ones I am using? Well what if i told you could have them! They are available in LUMIPro's new projector update. While this is an optional update I know it is one you are all going to want. 

To get your update just go to the LUMIPro Sales Studio where you will see a kiosk that i'm modeling for you below.
Once you get here all you have to do is click the kiosk and follow the instructions to get the new udpate.

Now we all know that reloading your poses and presets into a brand new hud can feel like a daunting task. Well, it doesn't have to be check out this video on how to use the LUMIPro backup server.  You'll be up on your new hud in minutes with all your presets and poses from your last HUD.

See easy as pie!

We would like to take a moment to thank TexasRob McRae for letting us use some of his amazing gobos in this update! Be sure you check out some of his work.

We would also like to thank you all for your feedback and continued support. Our users our what make us truly amazing!

***Slowly walking towards the door she turns and smiles***

Well until next time... Happy Shooting!