Monday, November 13, 2017

A Long Overdue LUMIPro Spotlight!

Due to the lovely thing we all know real life it has been  far too long since I reached out to you. I am excited to say I am now back full-time. One of the first things I did when I got back was check out the LUMIPro Flickr Group. So many people have posted some amazing photography! I thought what better way to celebrate my being back than a spotlight. Lets do this!

It is always so hard for me to just choose a few. Congratulations to each of you! You all did a fabulous job! Everyone will hear from me again soon. Rumor has it 2018 is on the way...

Until next time... Happy Shooting!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Wednesday Spotlight!

*** She walks into the room, and while she neatly arranges things on the desk, six men follow behind her. The men begin putting new photos on the wall before she even turns to address you. ***

All hello everyone we are just sprucing up the gallery. Exciting things are coming to LUMIPro in the near future, but I don't want to give too much away. In the meantime, I thought what better way to make the gallery amazing than with a new spotlight.

I know I say this every time I do a LUMIPro Spotlight but I believe it. LUMIPro users are amazing. I am blown away by the photography I see every day. Congratulations to not only the people featured in this blog but to every one of you! Keep shooting and keep expressing yourself!

Until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** She gets up from the desk and walks over to straighten one of the photo frames. With a quick smile back at you, she makes her way to the door. ***

Sunday, September 10, 2017

What Do You Think?

Hello, everyone I thought I would bring you a different kind of post today. I saw something posted on my Facebook feed, and it hasn't left my mind since then. As photographers, we all experiment with different clothes, accessories, hair, and many other things to get our perfect shot. What if you couldn't wear certain things due to the mesh body used? One Belleza body user expressed her thoughts on her Flickr page.

I don't feel right sharing my opinion in this particular setting, however, I want to applaud Sparrow Darling for being so open with hers! You can read her original Flickr post here.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on these issues. You explore so much of what SL has to offer as photographers I could think of better people to ask.

I am going to allow for comments below, and I will also be putting it on LUMIPro's Facebook page. I'm sure we all have different opinions let's just keep it clean and kind. I can't wait to hear from each of you!

And as always... Until next time happy shooting!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

And The Spotlight Awards Go To....

*** She opens the door to the darkened gallery and in the sunlight her glittery red heels sparkle. Turning on the light she ushers you in before starting to hang photos on the wall. ***

I know it is the middle of the afternoon, but I just had to show you guys these spotlights! Here we go...








I hope you guys enjoyed these spotlights as much as I did! Congratulations to each of you! 

If you are not yet a LUMIPro user but you would like to know more here are a few ways to check us out.

Try a fully functioning demo out LUMIPro's World Headquarters.

You can also find LUMIPro on Second Life's Marketplace.

*** Hanging the last photo she gives you a playful wink and heads for the door. ***

Until next time... Happy Shooting!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Shining Some Light On Photography With A LUMIPro Spotlight!

*** She walks into the room her heels clicking across the floor as she makes her way to the desk. With a smile and a twinkle in her eye, she has a seat. Shortly after several people carrying photographs follow behind her. Well, they put pictures on the wall she turned her attention to you. ***

I hope all of you have been enjoying your summer. I was perusing the amazing work on the LUMIPro Flickr Group, and I decided it was time to share some more with you. So without further ado here we go... 

See what I mean? How could I not share such amazing work, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Congratulations to each of you!

If you are not yet a LUMIPro user and you would like to see what amazing work you might be able to create there are a few ways you can check us out.

Try a fully functioning demo out LUMIPro's World Headquarters.

You can also find LUMIPro on Second Life's Marketplace.

*** Slowly rising to her feet she makes her way to the door, but before she exits the room she turns her head with a wink and gives you a playful smile. ***

Until next time... Happy Shooting!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Take A Look At What LUMIPro Can Do For You!

*** She opens the door, and with a smile, she ushers you in the gallery. ***

Feel free to take a look around while we chat. I know that many of you have been trying to decide whether LUMIPro is right for you. I thought I would see what I could do to help by sharing some information with you.

What is LUMIPro?

LUMIPro is a professional grade lighting tool and yet easy to start using the day you buy it. 
•    Fine control of lighting and shadows
•    Ability to pose yourself and/or all your models and groups as large as 10
•    Ability to save your scene lighting, camera, pose, and eye position and restore it on another day, even with different models
•    Shoot anywhere without rez even on no-script sims.  Great for product designers and bloggers
•    Hold 100s of your own purchased or created animation or use over 180 animations and exclusive mocaps from some of the grid’s best designers
•    Updates are always FREE for life

I have seen so much beauty created with LUMIPro since I bought in December of 2013. I am always in awe of the work artists create, but instead of hearing from me, let me share some reviews with you...

Posted July 22, 2017 by EclecticJohn Niven 5 stars
After you buy, join the group when invited (it may take a little while). The photos members post daily just blow me away, and I am a professional photographer in RL. 5 stars are not enough!

Posted July 19, 2017 by April Chung 5 stars
LumiPro make taking picture so much easier. 
I love it , I love it , I love it.

Awesome Photo Lighting System!!
Posted July 17, 2017 by CarlWeed 5 stars
LUMIPro is by far, the best lighting system in SL for photography that I have found. I have several other photo studio systems but none have the capabilities that LUMIPro has for lighting control with color, intensity, positioning, casting shadows, etc. for your photo shoots. The biggest selling feature to me is having the ability to take your lighting anywhere in SL and use it, including the no-rez areas of SL. I wanted to get out of my portrait studio but proper lighting was a problem. Now I have great lighting anywhere I shoot in SL! Other bonuses of the system are being able to control multiple models from the HUD without having to instruct them to move or change positions or anything. The system has many great built in poses (not the cheap ones either) that will get you going in no time with very professional looking photos. The eye control system is also another great tool to assist in getting those eyes just right for your shot.
If you are serious about capturing great professional photos in SL, this photo lighting system is well worth the investment. It will be the last one you will ever buy I think. The one tip I would give anyone who buys this system and does not have previous experience with earlier versions of LUMIPro is... take maybe 30 minutes or so of your time and watch all of the great video tutorials on their website. They run through many of the features, as there are many, and they will give you a much better understanding of what all you can do with this system without a lot of reading. I had never used LUMIPro before and this is what I did after I purchased it. Within no time, I was off and shooting some great photos with this system.
My hats off to the creator and developer of this system. Nice job!!

To take a peek at more reviews feel free to check us out on the marketplace. If you are interested you can also try a fully functioning demo at our in world headquarters. I hope you will like what you see! If you have any questions or need any assistance don't hesitate to contact me, Samantha Ansar-Buscaylet (SamoanHoneyPot Resident). Until next time... Happy Shopping and of course Happy Shooting! 

*** Her hips sway as she walks to the door. Looking over her shoulder she gives a small wave and a wink before heading outside. ***

Friday, July 14, 2017

What A Spotlight!

*** She walks into the room her wedge sandals sliding across the floor as her hips sway. Looking over her shoulder she motions for someone to follow, and nine men carrying canvases come in behind her. As she sits at the desk they begin to place the canvases on the wall. ***

Hello, everyone, it is been far too long since we all chatted. I have been looking over the Flickr this evening; I must say, you guys are doing some amazing work. I am looking forward to sharing some of it with you. So let's get started... 







Congratulations all of you! I am always amazed by this stories that photographs can tell. I look forward to sharing more work from amazing photographers with you guys very soon. Don't forget that you can try a fully functioning demo of LUMIPro at our world headquarters. You can also find us on the marketplace. Well until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Standing with a smile and a wink she waves to everyone as she heads for the door. ***