Community Content Standards

    The shared community of artists gives us all a chance to grow and learn from each other.  Sharing our work is a big part of that.  Artistic expression and exploration is something that makes the artistry of SL amazing and is encouraged to be shared.  Nudity and sexual expression are a part of that artistic exploration.  However, there is a range of tolerance for explicit content by our members and we wanted to be clear what is ok and not ok for our group.

    Questions?  Concerns?  Comments?  Drop us a note!

    LUMIPro Community Rules:
    1. LUMIPro is sexy.  but we're classy sexy....
    2. Every photo shared in the group needs to be called out as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) if it is NSFW.  Lets not get people fired from their jobs please.
    3. Do not post in either the group or flickr any photos that transition away from artistic nudes to graphic pictorials of sexual mechanics or taboo sexual behavior.  Please remember flickr and Linden Labs TOS regarding content as its your account that might be at risk.  We fully support the LGBTQ artists and content.
    4. We fully recognize that that line for #3 is tricky and up for interpretation, but if it is at least called out as NSFW this gives people a chance to not click.
    5. Samantha and/or Stefan are approving 100+ photos a day.  If we accidentally approve a photo that you believe doesn’t meet these community standards, please let one of us know.
    6. Explicit is defined by Stefan and Samantha.  no one else.  :D  Please use good judgement.
    7. Chat in the group needs to be SFW (safe for work).

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