Saturday, July 16, 2016

Help LUMIPro Support the Relay for Life of Second Life!

*** Shuffles into the room still in her robe with a cup of coffee, as she sits down she beckons you over to have a seat. ***

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far, I will admit I have been very much behind the power curve this week. There are some wonderful things happening in my Real Life this month that I will share with you guys in a later blog post. For now let me give you a couple reminders. The big Relay for Life weekend started today! This is a great cause jampacked with all sorts of events and activities. Not only can you help raise money for a great cause, you will have a great time!

There are so many events throughout the entire weekend I'm not sure I can list them all here, but for more information you can check the Relay for Life a Second Life website. They will have the daily activities listed. They have theme hours, DJs, live events, and even auctions!

Let's take a moment and talk about the auction... 
All of the proceeds will go to benefit the Relay for Life which supports cancer research. Out of all the great events why am I singling out the auction to tell you guys about? Because LUMIPro is super excited to be one of the sponsors!
Here is a list of the items you can bid on...

Amaretto Demon Black Walker
Amaretto Demon Rage Branding Horse
Pair of Amaretto 2015 Retired Limited Edition Summer SeaHorses ( collectible not breedable)  ( Forever Foaled)
Pair of Amaretto 2015 Retired Limited Edition Spring Flower Horses ( Collectible not Breedable) (Forever Foaled )
Archangel and Spirit of RFL horses with Info book about the Archangel Project

Home and garden:

Rothko House - Home Whimsy
La Coupole - By Maven Homes


2 LUMIPro 2016 Photography systems
In-Pose! Male FatPack of 276 Poses
In-Pose! Female Petite FatPack of 42 Poses
In-Pose! Female FatPack of 837 Poses
In-Pose! Couples and Props FatPack of 266 Poses

Clothing :

Vero Modero Rusa Gown Black
Vero Modero Rusa Gown Green
London Party Dress - Toddleedoo baby size
When Doves Cry - One of a Kind Relay Edition Dress - Mirror Mirror
Fayline Fashions - RFL Ladies Pack II
                           RFL Mens Pack II
~Glitter Girls~ Join Hands Gown                           
Luxe Paris - Nuit Blanch Sun Dress
                  No Me Toques Bikini & Palazzo
                  Burkina Mens Jacket / Pants, shoes

Jewelry :

Semi - Precious: Seraphina - Morganite (RFL Exclusive)
                          Seraphina - Helena (RFL Exclusive)
Lantian [Flox] - Celtic Dragon Redux (RFL Chrome- unisex)
Delirium Style - Magical pendant - Myth
!nfinity- Rose Lace Collar

RFL Experiences :

A Guest DJ Spot with Trader on T1Radio (a Wednesday night show)
A Guest dance spot with Phoenix Dance Team / one choreographed song picked special by the winner.
Private Concert and Date with Sinatra
2 hour Dj set done by DJ Cara
Article in Penumbra Magazine - including photo-shoot, and interview
Be A Guest with Funtastics Tribute Bands for a show

WK"s Cats

Lvl 20 23 trait Baby Morocco Male
Lvl 16 36 Trait Const Electric Eye

Amela Earhart - Jennytryit Kaz

Talk about some great prizes! For the LUMIPro auction boards don't worry if you already own one, you will receive a gift certificate that is transferable! To make a bid just hitch a ride from this landmark and use the kiosk for each item that you wish to bid on. All of the auction boards will close tomorrow at 1:45 PM SLT. Please take a moment to make a bid or check out other ways to donate at the event. Not only will you be getting a great item, but you also be helping to raise awareness and find a cure for one of the most devastating physical illnesses someone can go through.

I am also going to include a landmark to the welcome center so that you can find out all of the amazing things you can do this weekend. I know I will be there! Until next time... Happy Shooting and Donating!

***  Grabs her coffee cup slowly rising to her feet, and she makes her way to the door she turns back to look at you giving a small wave. ***

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