Thursday, March 15, 2012

Krise Shepherd Trend Magazine Cover and LUMIPro

Attached are some pictures where Krise used LUMIPro lights for the cover of Trend magazine.

Editor Note from Krise Shepherd  :

Most of the time cover pictures are heavily edited. I do that too at times, but this time I decided to leave it as is,
and the cover is actually an untouched Second Life snapshot without post processing.
(firestorm viewer).

I am currently using the beta version where I can attach the projector to myself.
I used that for the Del Vino pictures, (see one picture attached, where i used a vine leaf filter and soft lights).

Del Vino is the newest restaurant to open it's virtual doors in Second Life. Owned by Umberto Giano and co owned/managed by Molly Kestrel.

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