Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LUMIPro Goes Everywhere!

So after a long development/beta tests and final release of the upgraded LUMIPro, my partner and I decided to test drive the HUD and do a video using it. It was awesome !

Then it was time for some R&R! I tp'd over to Ambrosia Dance Club to listen to DJ Venus and hang out with friends and as usual  I was in the LUMIPro lights. I rarely take them off actually.

My friends Sy Beck and Caitlin  Tobias began snapping photos . These are the results.

This photo is from the crowds totally way too much SL facelight that most typically see, you know the ones that can light entire sims. The ones I quickly derender as rule.

This is what it looks like for us after the SL face lights are no longer visible. I'm wearing the LUMIPro Light system and Sy is snapping away!

I'm wearing the  projector can as well as the LUMIPro lights. If you see me on the grid and you are running shadows this is what you will see.

Beautiful, huh? 

Check the right side of this blog for more info on the LUMIPro .

1 comment:

  1. We've all seen it. face lights with 2-3 prim set at 20m radius lights and full intensity. Not even my sun glasses help that. Thank god for firestorms right click derender! But it gave facelights in general a bad name which is too bad. Its like giving makeup a bad name becuase someone "clown" did it poorly.

    Colleen is right. Although never designed as a face light, i also almost always leave my lights on and with the control lumipro adds you can make it look subtle and great and tune it exactly to your skin tones and then save it as a personal preset.

    How cool is that!