Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Violins by Kerena Zhangsun

The Violins

The Violins

Shot on location at HuMaNoiD on the Gilmour Sim. Fascinating creation with oh so very many fabulous photo ops. Since I adore violins and the feelings their sounds evoke in me I could not resist playing with a photo taken in what I call the "Violin Room".

The violin I am holding was created by Romeu Tomsen of Algelpocalypse Creations. It comes with the perfect performance pose!

Gown: ::BB:: Lucille Pleated Silk Gown WHITE [Mesh]

Again special thanks to SkeletalMess for his wonderful 'Difference Maker" texture overlay.

Scene lighting enhanced with a windlight setting the name of which I have promptly forgotten and the LumiPro 3.0

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