Monday, March 19, 2012

LUMIPro Lighting System ~ The Choice of Pros

LUMIPro HUD Update/Release

Stefan has  made some exciting features for this release  shown below and has had awesome feedback from some of our users.

Of you don't know about the LUMIPro HUD watch this space for information about Demo nights, come get to know us!

LUMIPro owners , wear your HUD and it will auto update for you.

This release is LumiPro 3 0.9.

  - Projectors anywhere!  they are now available as an attachment that works in zero rez and zero script sims.  You can how fully control shadows anywhere
  - the hud now holds >350 poses vs just over 180 before through script optimization.
  - pose filtering.

With this change we went from about 180 maximum poses per hud  to about 400+ (tested, maybe more like 600)

- The grid of buttons will now always show correctly
- two bugs in zero rez sims releated to wearable projectors fixed
- lock shows properly in zero rez

Fixed a problem with the pose filter /43 work in that missed a script change on owner change and wasn't listening to any /43 chatter except me. Thanks Kym!

Fixes attached projector dialog brought up by clicking from the hud. It only brings up dialog now for the correct projector(s).

Added an idle projector killer that kills projectors that have had no interaction in 4 days. Its easy to leave them hidden, finish a shoot, and forget they are there. It sends an IM to the owner letting them know.

What our LUMIPro users are saying about the HUD:

Krise Shepherd: when you do it with the lumi pro its almost like doing a reallife studio picture with all the lights :)

Applonia Criss): yesssssss  thats what I LOVE

Aida Lundquist: I love it already now like I Lumipro. I cant do a shot with out Lumi

Samara Pennell: I'm in love with you LUMIPro

Creoleman Tiratzo:  I just brought your lumipro. I've heard so so much about it,  I enjoy it and find it most fun and exciting! Now thanks to Lumipro so I have so many more awesome ways to better my photo,  I just wanted to say TY so much for the Lumipro!!

Trinidad Anatine: It is genious and really easy to use and I have worn it into script heavy sims without crashing.  That is also a first.  :) Its an answered prayer to many problems with shadows for me in SL.

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