Friday, December 14, 2012

Gallery Assis ~ Clash by Night ~

As I grab the broads hand and we run for our lives I give her a smirk over my shoulder as we seek cover......having told her about the gossip

Panting for breath we lean against an old lamp post.....I light up a cigarette take a deep draw feeling the smoke fill my lungs I look to the broad next to me even in her frazzled state she still takes my breath away

Eli : in a sexy out of breath voice "can't do it alone...we need help"
Darius: rolling his eyes looks at the dame "who do you suggest we call Toots....the national guard"
Eli : Flipping her long lustrous hair over her shoulder looking at the disheveled detective with ever dwindling patience "I've been around the block gumshoe, don't under estimate a gal in a pretty dress - there are grey cells up here ya know"
Darius: with sarcasm dripping from his lips "well excuuse me toots if I have my misgivings.....please go on regale us with the name of your "contacts""
Eli: Glaring at the man beside her with a smirk on her lips says in a breathy voice making fun of him " we have ....Lincoln "The Professor" Garnet, Skip "Pretty Boy" Staheli, Molly "Ma" Bloom, Stephan "The Big Shot" Buscaylet"
Darius : tries not to look shaken as his cigarette falls out of his mouth patting down his rain coat as the fallen cigarette burns a hole in it knowing the names she let out was the Lumipro Cartel....with the big boss Stephan "The Big Shot" Buscaylet
Darius: swallowing hard having guessed the name of the dangerous broad next to him asks "and what do they call you toots?"
Eli: looks over her shoulder at the detective and in a deep purr "They call me Hellcat.....aint I always purring"
Eli: with a determined tone in her voice clutches her gun "we will silence these bastards once and for all"

Eli walks away with her heels clicking on the wet ground I have no other choice but to follow the truth has to be revealed and revealed soon

To be continued 29th December......

Clash by Night :

Earl Pfeiffer: Mae - what do you *really* think of me? 
Mae Doyle D'Amato: [coolly] You impress me as a man who needs a new suit of clothes or a new love affair - but he doesn't know which. 
Earl Pfeiffer: [stung] You can't make me any smaller. I happen to be pre-shrunk. 

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