Sunday, December 2, 2012

LUMIPro Appreciates Our User Base

LUMIPro appreciates all of our user base, we are so pleased when LUMIPro users say *hey, I love this HUD, its made my Second Life better* .

We are fortunate to have awesome artists, machinima, and bloggers in our user base ! When they share their awesome work with us we want to share it with you as well.

Today, Wild Bedrosian , Fashion Blogger and LUMIPro user tapped us on our virtual shoulders and said....
I love LUMIPro and shared that she won a Leezu contest and that she had used the LUMIPro to snap her photos!!

Leezu Contest Link . 

Wild is stunning ! The outfit totally adorable. BUT here is my favorite part !!!  "Photos taken using LUMIPro and visit the LUMIPro website" !! 

Thank you Wild and congratulations on your fashion win!! And thank you for your awesome support of LUMIPro! 

Visit Wild's blog,  A View On My Inventory .

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