Friday, December 28, 2012

Clash By Night 3 Final Chapter The Truth Revealed

Back at my office the luscious dame props her pert derrier on my desk with a cat that got the canary look that scares me she angles a saucy grin in my direction....

Darius : so toots what gives you that dangerous smile you have....something I don't know about?
Eli : well gumshoe I guess it's time to put you out your misery, I've had ya dangling long enough and frankly your easy to dangle
Darius: in a exasperated sigh "well spill the beans toots.....I begin to loose interest"

I watch the dame so self confident polish her long scarlet fingernails on her fur stole she blows a thin stream of smoke towards me

Eli : "listen and listen well gumshoe and straighten that slept in coat I'm about to tell you some home truths.....The LumiPro Cartel aint no bag of amateurs"
Eli :  I had to make sure your disheveled person could take these news
Eli: The Cartel are looking for someone
Eli: and not just anyone
Eli: Gallery Assis if the front for something bigger than you could imagine

I watch the dame draw on her cigarette deeply before looking around as if making sure no one is about in a whisper she leans into me I smell her expensive perfume my mind going to places it has no business being

Eli :  in a staged whisper she states with a smirk on her lips "Gallery Assis is going to be paying $5,000 Lindens split among 5 lucky people "
Eli: and here is the clincher tiger the Lumipro Cartel boss will be giving one Major Prize winner a complete LumiPro photography system

 Darius : stunned his cigarette falls out of his mouth falling on his crumbled rain coat he pats himself as it starts burning through

Eli : looks at the crumbled detective noting that his raincoat has more holes than the St. Valentines Massacre 

Darius : and what pray tell do these people have to do? Rob a bank?
Eli : Hell No Sugar, this aint no Bonnie and Clyde
Darius getting irate "WELL! what do they have to do!"

Eli : well darlin' it is very easy ....follow this here digits to this address where all the details are as plain as the nose on your face

Darius : you mean to tell me this is the only place people can get these details?

 Eli: with a raised eyebrow and mocking laugh "No sugar they can also go visit Gallery Assis where the details will be posted for everyone here at

Sitting back I stare at this dangerous broad that has led me on this wild goose chase in my search of answers, bullets bitting at my butt but you know what...I would do it all again for a chance that this wild cat comes back into my life....

The End

Clash By Night:

Mae Doyle D'Amato: You don't like women, do you?
Earl Pfeiffer: Take any six of 'em - my wife included. Throw 'em up in the air. The one who sticks to the ceiling, I like.

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