Thursday, October 10, 2013

Women and Brick Walls

---By Stefan

From concept to Flickr 90 minutes.  World tools: LUMIPro and AnyPose basic. Post shoot tools: NIK and Photoshop.  Skill: Medium to Advanced.

Every now and then I enjoy taking a RL photo that I like and then turn it into a SL shoot.

I had a grunge skybox but decided to find a new all texture.   A quick google image search found a decent texture that I ended up using.  BTW, if you tell google to only search for large images you'll find one that fits the bill as this image as 1600px x 1700px.

Here is the model in a preliminary pose with the prim set it place.  She's using the sitball wearing the ball lights and the projector.

The closet pose I could find was a female AO groundsit pose. 

However it didn't give an ideal placement.  I had several people tell me about the AnyPose system and thought I'd give it a try.  I purchased it during the shoot and learned it real time.

Here is where I am after working with anypose (on top of my current female AO animation) and some tweaking of both the windlight and projector lighting.

If you want to recall and use this Anypose, just enter this into local chat

/1001 recall 01001818181818181818182315171217202221211721231322101916241524071818 <-0 data-blogger-escaped-.180000="">

<0 data-blogger-escaped-.000000=""> 131071+0

26 shots later I think I picked one I liked.

 Little bit of cleanup and Black and White in Photoshop or Gimp done in under 5 minutes. You can always do more and that is personal preference.

That's it.  Start to finish was about 30 minutes of outfits and buying bracelets on marketplace.  30 minute setting up the shoot and about 30 minutes to learn the AnyPose, shoot and do the Photoshop.

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