Thursday, March 12, 2020

Photo Contest Time With LUMIPro And The Isle Of Elar!

Hello, my lovelies! It has been s while since I have chatted with my favorite people so I thought I would bring you something exciting. LUMIPro has partnered Elar by Dominant Elegance to bring you a photo contest! 

Elar is a beautiful steampunk-themed sim with a BDSM flair! It is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. I thought I would let the owner Shayn Mackenzie tell you more...

"A short history of The Isle of Elar. It was founded by a group of BDSM practitioners that were fleeing persecution because of their chosen lifestyle.  They happened on a small island in the mouth of a dormant volcano. Beneath the island is a labyrinth of steam vents that the city's inhabitants were able to harness to create a city powered by the natural steam provided by the heat trapped within the volcano. The architecture of the city reflects both the founders' love of art and their desire to further their practice of BDSM. Throughout the city, you will find many buildings that beckon for a photographer's eye.  A great deal of time and effort has been devoted to the creation of Isle of Elar and it's intended level of detail. We call ourselves Elarians and welcome your visit to our fine city. We only ask that while here you dress either in Steampunk attire or something equally dressy in nature. We welcome humans, vampires, nekos and those with anthropomorphic avatars."

And now for the fun part... Contest details!

**Contest Rules & FAQ**

1.  Who is eligible to enter?

Anyone.  The contest is open to anyone who would like to join. The only requirement is that you follow our rules and be a member of Dominant Elegance. Entering is free. 

2.  What is the contest time period?

The contest will commence on the March 15th, 2020 and run until April 15th, 2020

3.  How will winners be notified?

Winners will be announced via notice in the Dominant Elegance group and contacted individually upon close of the contest.  The winning pictures will be displayed in the Emporium upon completion of the contest.  Additionally, we will be making a selection of noteworthy works to also be displayed in the Emporium.  All artists with work displayed will be notified prior to the grand opening of the Gallery.

4.  What are the prizes?

First Place:  A gift certificate for a LUMIPro 
Second Place:  3,000 L$
Third Place: 1,500 L$

5.  How will we determine the winners? 

The winners will be chosen by an anonymous panel of five judges.

6.  Where do the pictures need to be taken?  

All pictures need to be taken on the Isle of Elar, including the inside of buildings to qualify for the contest. Submitted pictures that fail to comply fully with this will be disqualified.  This is a great opportunity to explore the many unique places for photography throughout the city.  All photos may contain nudity, but if clothed, the pictures must follow the rules of attire for the sim.  This is a steampunk sim. Your photos should reflect that or our culture of BDSM.  If you can do both, it will go a long way in originality for your photos.

7.  May I rez things for the photos?

Yes, as always, visitors to the Isle of Elar may rez objects, but please remember to pick any items you rez.

8.  May I use post-editing for the photos?  

Yes, you may use any software at your disposal as well as inworld lighting.  Do not think that if you are not able to post edit the photos that you will automatically lose.  We are looking at content as major criteria for the photos.  We are choosing a total of 20 pictures to be displayed in the gallery.

9.  How do I submit pictures?

All pictures will be submitted to the "Isle of Elar Photo Contest" Flickr group.  Please add your Second Life name to the description section of the photo

This contest is going to be a lot of fun! Here are some sim shots to give you a little peek... 

This is just a taste be sure you go check out the sim! 
The Isle of Elar ~ Dominant Elegance

If you have any questions contact Shayn Mackenzie

Also, be sure to check out The Isle of Elar website!

I cannot wait to see what wonderful things everyone comes up with! Until next time... Happy Shooting!


  1. Any idea when the winners will be announced?

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