Friday, October 28, 2016

We Needed A... LUMIPro Spotlight!

*** She saunters into the room and a procession of men follow behind her carrying canvases. With a smile she turns to the other people in the room, while the men who followed behind her hang the canvases along the wall. ***

Hi everybody! I am sure by now you guys know what it means when I bring help with me... It's time for a LUMIPro Spotlight! I am really excited about the photography I'm going to share with you today. Let's get started!

I will be sharing more of our users' works as the weeks go on.  I love seeing everyone's artistic interpretation. You guys are doing a great job! Remember in order for your photo to be shared in a spotlight it must be uploaded to the LUMIPro Flickr Group, and it must be downloadable. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask.

LUMIPro 2017 is fast approaching! If you guys are, or know any,pose makers who may want to contribute to the project, please message me in world. I am so excited about what is up-and-coming. I promise to be giving everyone more information and sneak peeks so keep your eyes on the blog.

Congratulations to all of our spot lighters this time around! Until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Giving the room a once over, she gives a wink to her helpers, and they all leave the room in a straight line. Before turning out the light she turns back to give everyone a playful smile. ***

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