Saturday, October 8, 2016

LUMIPro Presents TexasRob McRae!

*** Walks into LUMIPro World Headquarters,  past the desk, and over to a black curtain. Tugging at the rope playfully she gives everyone a smile. ***

So I know some of you have been wondering what we could possibly be hiding behind this curtain; well I think it's time to finally share our secret with you! LUMIPro World Headquarters is officially being transformed into an art gallery! We will be taking artwork from our amazing users and letting you them show it off. I am super excited about this project. Our very first featured featured will be none other than TexasRob McRae!

You all know some of his work from the wonderful gobos that are included in LUMIPro. Now you will get to see some of his artistic expression! This will be the first of many shows at LUMIPro World Headquarters! We will be featuring a new artist each month.

For Rob's show we will be entertained by DJ Mesostopheles. It takes place on October 15TH at 2 PM SLT. I hope you guys will come out to show your support. 

Also don't forget there is still trying to get in your Avi Choice Award nominations!

You guys know what I always say, until next time...  Happy Shooting! Now get out of here so we can take care of all the last-minute details. ;)

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