Saturday, September 10, 2016

Introducing Lady LUMIPro!

*** As you walk into the studio you notice a woman with dark hair in a suit. She is standing on her tiptoes hanging a frame, before you can ask who she is Samantha walks around the corner. ***

Oh hello! I wasn't expecting anyone today. Let me go ahead and introduce you...

*** She walks over to the woman you don't recognize, grabs her hand and urges her towards the front of the room. *** 

This is Raven, and I am happy to announce she is joining the LUMIPro team! She will be running the gallery we are about open, as well as being my awesome assistant. She has been a wonderful part of the Buscaylet Family for a long time, and we are excited to add her to the LUMIPro Family!

Lady LUMIPro - Ravenlynn Buscaylet-Gascoigne

Feel free to say hello! Our first featured artist will be TexasRob McRae, but more details about that will be coming soon! 

Also don't forget there is still time to enter the Fun in the Sun Photo Hunt.

Well we had better get back to work so until next time... Happy Shooting!

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