Friday, April 15, 2016

The One Thing I Can Never Resist... A LUMIPro Spotlight!

*** Walks into the room heels clicking on the hard floor; as she takes her seat at the desk you can see a mischievous smile on her face. Looking towards the door she motions for someone else to come into the room. In a single file line dashing men dressed in tuxedos come into the room each carrying a canvas. As they quietly begin to hang them on the walls she turns to everyone else in the room. ***

First I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make Stefan show an amazing success. He was so amazed to have all of your support. I will let him talk to you about it the next time he is able to sit down at this desk, and write on the blog for you all. Today I wanted to give you all another amazing spotlight. There are always so many wonderful photos, that you share on our Flickr page, I have a hard time choosing. Here are the ones that caught my eye this week...

Crazy? I Was Crazy Once... by Curtis Trevellion

 Me And My Shadow by Cindy Starostin

Waitingsomemore by Blythe Ocean

Wings by MelanyHerrera41 

 Dangerous Games by Scarlett Rhea

I was going to put more photos in the spotlight, but there were so many great ones I decided to break it into two. So later on this coming week, I will bring you another spotlight! Aren't these photos just amazing? All of you guys blow me away every day. If you are new to LUMIPro and wondering how you can get your work featured just add your works to our Flickr group. We always choose winners from our Flickr pool; if you are a LUMIPro user of course ;)

I can't wait to bring you guys more things very soon! Thank you for all the love and support. Well until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Winks at the well-dressed man as they exit the room. Getting up she slowly examines each art piece before heading for the door. As she reaches the door she looks back over her shoulder to blow everyone a kiss. ***

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