Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spotlights and Things!

Hello everyone! I got up today, and I decided, it is been far too long since you guys heard from me on the blog. I bet you guys have missed me horribly, right? What can I say, every once in a while real life gets the best of you, but it made it worth it to spend some time with Mr. LUMIPro himself. That is enough of my ramblings, let's talk about all of you. And our Eyes Wide Shut party to benefit the Relay for Life you guys raised $18,200 Lindens! Everyone did an amazing job! Don't forget that you can still visit the flash mob gallery we created that night. Feel free to have a look around the rest of the sim as well. Here is a landmark.

Now I want to move on to one of my favorite things... A LUMIPro spotlight! It is been far too long since we did one. Let's do it!

Spun Teacup by Spirit Eleonara

 Tomorrow Holds the Future by Stillsky Latte

 Rache & the Chair by Athena

 Monochrome by Abi Latzo

 Rain and Tears by Manuel Poza

 Magnets HD by Danni Ironfist

These are some wonderful photos! Remember spotlight photos are always selected from the LUMIPro Flickr group so be sure to share your work with us. Congratulations to all of our spot lighters this week! There is always exciting things happening at LUMIPro so be sure you keep your eye on the blog and our Facebook.

I am so glad I was able to take a little time today and reconnect with our community. I can't wait until the next blog entry, but until next time...  Happy Shooting!

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