Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sensual Art Gallery Opens and Features Several LUMIPro Artists!

Good morning everyone! I am excited to announce the launching of sensual Art Gallery. What makes this launch party so exciting? This gallery show features many of our very own artist, there are artists like; Angi Manners, Connie Arida, Lyr (Mdm. LUMIPro), Shui Shui, and Willi Som. I am so excited for each of them!

There will be to launch parties today and I hope all of you in the LUMIPro community will come out and show your support. It is always wonderful to see new things happening the support the art community of Second Life, but let me stop rambling so I can give you all the details...

Also at the request of the gallery proprietors clothes required and formal outfits are encouraged. I really hope to see you guys at one or both shows. I know I will be there! Well until next time... Happy Shooting!

**Correction** The 11-1pm party will be rescheduled. The 6-8pm party will be going forward as planned.

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