Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What The People Say...

I know there are so many of you out there who hear about LUMIPro, and you probably think to yourself, "Is it really worth it? Will it really make that much of a difference in my photography, and Is it hard to use?" While I thought today I would alleviate some of those worries by sharing some of our very own users thoughts with you.

So why don't we look at a couple of thoughts from marketplace...

Evangeline Ling 5 Stars
"I've been doing photography for art and my style of photography is to get a picture right with effects and not use any photoshop. I use hud filters. I use windlight. I use the graphical options of firestorm. And now I use LUMIPRO =) Well done on a great tool I can't wait to see how this enhances what I do already. By the way, the message left to me after I purchased your product was awesome, I can already tell I'm going to get the very best support ever for this product."

Pleasur 5 Stars
"I am in love with this item. Since I bought it, I have used it everyday. I am always thinking about what to do next. So easy to understand and use.''

Angela Kwak 5 Stars
"At first I thought this system was way over priced but I kept hearing great things about it, so I decided to see for myself. Went to the store tried the demo and started playing with it. I even rezzed the wearable projector and started playing with it.
In time playing with the demo I started to see that the options it has are endless and I just had to have this hud. It's worth it."

Dream Hummingly 5 Stars
"So I have been watching this, and read on it, and OMG. Thank you so much for Lumipro, it has changed the way I take photos and it makes me want to take more photos. What I have to say is that if you like taking photos of yourself, family or other people Lumipro is where you can start, the hud is so easy to navigate and anything in world can be a background or prop. So yeah go Lumipro. Thanks again, it has changed my photo taking life."

TwilitLens 5 Stars
"As a real life professional photographer, I appreciate the necessity of finely controlled lighting for every shot. But until recently, the only way to light up my subjects in SL was to manually set up a series of light emitters in-world and tweak each of their settings one by one (in other Words, a huge time sink that could cost me clients). But this gadget streamlines all that and provides pose options as well. Pricey but worth it."

If you still have a doubts, why not find out yourself? We have a fully functioning demo HUD at our sales gallery. You can also find us on marketplace. Why not take a peek at the reviews for yourself? Of course there is also our LUMIPro team, if you ever have any questions or need any help don't hesitate to ask.

Know something about the LUMIPro or maybe you already own one... Don't forget to show us your support by voting for us in the Avi Choice Awards category for best photography/media tool.

I will see you all very soon, until next... Happy Shooting!

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