Monday, February 29, 2016

LUMIPro Wins The Avi Choice Award For Favorite Photography/Media Tool For 2016!!!

*** Walks into the room, her heels clicking against the hard floor. As she turns to sit at the desk she leans forward to adjust their brand-new Avi Choice Award. ***

As you can see with all of your amazing support; we did it! We have been voted Favorite Photography/Media Tool in 2016! 

We are so honored to receive this vote of confidence for the second year in a row. It was an amazing show. The staff and volunteers that work tirelessly do such an amazing job. I'm always so amazed! So thank you to the Avi Choice Awards and and BOSL I know I have said it many many times but Stefan, Lyr, and I are so grateful for everyone's love and support. You guys not only push us to make an amazing product, but you allow us to be a great community. Here is a shot from the red carpet itself:

We clean up pretty well, don't you think?

We also want to send out a big congratulations to all of the photographers and videographers, who are part of our community, and also got nominations. Every one of you is amazing! And we can't forget to congratulate all of the nominees and winners for every category. It was a great group of people this year. To find out more about who won be sure to check out the Avi Choice Awards Website.

There are some great things in LUMIPro's future so be sure you keep your eye out! While I guess I will let you guys go now; you must be tired of my rambling. So until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Slowly getting up she adjust the award on the desk one more time. Turning to the crowd she gives a small wave before heading to the door. ***

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