Thursday, December 20, 2018

.LUMIPro's Holiday Giveaway and Party!

*** As she walks into the room there are several men and women putting up lights, arranging seating, and placing decorations. Her red dress sparkles in the glow of the Christmas lights as she turns looking around the room with excitement in her eyes. Spotting it behind her she gives you a big smile. ***

Why hello there! As you all can see we are busy at work getting ready for LUMIPro's holiday party! Since you're here when I share some of the details? We are so excited to not only be putting on a party this year but to be also giving away gift cards from some of Second Life's best creators! Normally we do a LUMIPro release party around this time of year, but since we launched LUMIPro 18 earlier this year Stefan and I decided we couldn't leave you guys with the holiday party. Here are the details... 

The location will be announced the night before the party. We are so excited to be partnering with [Cynful], Sweet Thing, and United Colors! We will be randomly giving away gift cards from each of them throughout the night. At the end of the night, we will also be giving away a LUMIPro gift certificate! Don't forget to be creative, be bold, and dress to impress! We will be looking for that creativity! We would like to thank our sponsors for helping us spread some holiday cheer this year.

This party is open to everyone LUMIPro users and nonusers alike (No child Avatars)! So tell your friends. Grab some eggnog, put on your best holiday gear, and come join us for some great music and a good time!

I can't wait to see you all there but you must go for now we have lots of work to do.

*** Playfully shooing you out of the room with a giggle she shuts the door behind her. ***

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