Sunday, September 10, 2017

What Do You Think?

Hello, everyone I thought I would bring you a different kind of post today. I saw something posted on my Facebook feed, and it hasn't left my mind since then. As photographers, we all experiment with different clothes, accessories, hair, and many other things to get our perfect shot. What if you couldn't wear certain things due to the mesh body used? One Belleza body user expressed her thoughts on her Flickr page.

I don't feel right sharing my opinion in this particular setting, however, I want to applaud Sparrow Darling for being so open with hers! You can read her original Flickr post here.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on these issues. You explore so much of what SL has to offer as photographers I could think of better people to ask.

I am going to allow for comments below, and I will also be putting it on LUMIPro's Facebook page. I'm sure we all have different opinions let's just keep it clean and kind. I can't wait to hear from each of you!

And as always... Until next time happy shooting!


  1. i commented this on the flcikr post of her aswell. I have that isseu to i loved my slink hourglass body, the hands and feet to. but i now use maitreya more bcuz of certain clothes and rings and nails that are only made for maitreya.
    I dont know if its that hard to create for every body with not to much time, but i also cant be mad in a way the most used bodys are slink, maitreya and belleze but others with other bodys might want clothes to so evt creaters end up with and regular sizes and what 10 bodys its frustrating to both sides, i love erratic but they only create for maitreya as are several others who used to make for the other 2 bodys, then belleze created 2 other bodys and slink has a extra one so that is 6 bodys to make for already, not to mention there is tmp but thats not as populair anymore i think, its a isseu we might have with mesh heads to in some ways. mayby it wil change one day and they can create one size to adjust to every mesh body out there

  2. Personally I do deal with this issue a lot i own three mesh bodies maitreya being my first body and as i was new in sl I took upon that recommendation for my first mesh body I could never achieve the look i wanted however so i tried slink hourglass and then freya belleza. Belleza is my favorite and it is frustrating that near every popular event these days is exclusively maitreya it inadvertently forces us back into that body i have gotten to the point where i just refuse. Which while decreases a lot of my spending in sl it also decreases the support i would have been showing creators designers. Even new photography poses we are forced to minimize our cury avatars as most bento poses are set for avatars with only 20 points body thickness.. my avatar has a 80 points body thickness so you can see where this is a constant issue i must alter the poses with animare hud to fit me and when blogging i really dont feel like that is fair because I am not really blogging the pose as it is i have edited it tremendously to fit me which the average user may not be able to do. I would love to see more diversity in not only clothing creations but in the many things we use that involve taking into account avatar shapes and sizes animations poses clothing alot of our sl world could be improved to accommodate sizes im sure because when i can into sl a little over a year ago the very curvaceous avatars were popular vrs the slimmer shape seen more often today and i think the reason we are all so slim is because we are being boxed into one body by alot of creators

  3. This a copy/past of what I wrote on her Flickr:
    As much as I agree with the whole its time vs reward thing, thats ok, let's flip it around then....some designers are actively choosing to LOSE 30%+ of their potential profits (I say plus because I know I am not the only person with my mindset).
    See for a person like me who own's Belleza (Freya, Isis), Slink (Hourglass, Physique), Maitreya Lara and a few others( but my preferred body is Hourglass) I do have more choice than some and even if my choice is removed I could "play the game" of oh well this item is Maitreya ONLY I will buy that, but, I don't why?
    Because you are removing my choice, you are destroying diversity, you are supporting a monopoly market system, so because you make those decisions as a designer (generalising) and even though I could buy from you, I now will not, and the more people who do this the better. We create this market place, not the designers, we spend our lindens and we decide what is popular and what is not, and maybe like in real life we as consumers have forgotten that.
    Oh and one other thing, ever wonder why Blueberry, Addams, Cynful etc etc are so popular? (like u can't even tp to their store on a new release and they have to have mirror stores etc.) it is because they do actively support ALL major bodies with EVERY release and consumers absolutely love that and that should be food for thought for smaller wanna be like them copy their business model, outsource, expand the people you work with, be a "business". Just my thoughts.
    PS - Not having a go at anyone, just venting. IT IS A HUGE PROBLEM and much love to ANY designer that supports Slink, Belleza and Maitreya 💕

  4. I think you are using the Lumiprohud to spread your thoughts and opinions. As far as I am concerned, it is similar to what dictators do. We live in a free world, where I choose to get this kind of information on other places. LumiPro is a wonderful invention, that adds a lot. Keep it that way and have a great day, Paul

    1. Just to be clear Paul I posted this piece with Stefan's consent. I left my opinion out of it, but I thought as photographers we all deal with these sorts of issues, and I wanted to see everyone's thoughts. Yes LUMIPro is a photography tool, but we're also a community of artists.

  5. I want to weigh in here and to so carefully. I am fully aware that it's frustrating to see less selection available for your particular body choice.

    But it is a choice.

    My guess is that in a free market the designers are putting their time and resources toward the projects and products most likely to make them profit. Perhaps the reward v. time spent creating versions of items for a relatively small market may not pay off for them v. devoting that time to new design or other projects. Having a business in RL I can say - if you think you can be profitable by providing a product you'll do so. it just may not be there versus putting the energy to other projects.

    Please don't take this as insulting. I know we take our bodies personally in SL - I do! When I first "went mesh" in SL I did The Mesh Project. After frustration with the shopping system and availability I DID move to Lara - even while I thought the TMP body was lovely and particularly had wonderful breast shape.

    But before we get too wrought up in all of this remember we still have way more options than we did a few mere years ago. We had one body and head - it was the system body and all of our clothes were appliers or prims....we did have mesh designs too - with alphas to make them fit - unless we wanted to conform to a size chart.

    SO discuss the availability of clothing for bodies that don't own more of the market....but remember we still have way more choices now.

  6. Personally, I have Belleza bodies and they are my standby and FAVE. If a designer does not create for Belleza I don't buy from them. However, I do have Maitreya as well due to necessity of the "exclusively design for" fools. Also since I blog and make art I need it as well. So 99% of the time I ONLY BUY BELLEZA creations. I feel the same way ... like is there a Maitreya Mob or something taking control of fashion designers in SL? Do these designers get kick back? I am a Belleza girl all the way I buy nothing that is exclusively Maitreya unless I am buying the Luxe Box because of the need for Maitreya and the other things in that box. I really hope designers will get the stick out their ass let us Belleza owners give them our money... SERIOUSLY!