Tuesday, August 29, 2017

And The Spotlight Awards Go To....

*** She opens the door to the darkened gallery and in the sunlight her glittery red heels sparkle. Turning on the light she ushers you in before starting to hang photos on the wall. ***

I know it is the middle of the afternoon, but I just had to show you guys these spotlights! Here we go...








I hope you guys enjoyed these spotlights as much as I did! Congratulations to each of you! 

If you are not yet a LUMIPro user but you would like to know more here are a few ways to check us out.

Try a fully functioning demo out LUMIPro's World Headquarters.

You can also find LUMIPro on Second Life's Marketplace.

*** Hanging the last photo she gives you a playful wink and heads for the door. ***

Until next time... Happy Shooting!

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