Saturday, October 11, 2014

LUMIPro Spotlight Time!

***Walks into the LUMIPro Salesroom rolling a suitcase behind her***

***Turns with a big smile sitting on the desk before ushering 10 big strapping men in with new photos. After watching them for a moment, a smile of appreciation on her face, she turns to face you.***

Oh, hello again everyone! I hope everyone is doing amazingly well, and I hope that you all are enjoying your LUMIPro 3.4! The work that everyone has been adding to the LUMIPro Flickr Group is just amazing. So now that I am back from vacation, I thought I would share some! 

***Flipping the switch on the wall the lights come on to reveal new photos on the wall***

Exhale by Cindy Starostin

Lady Tonbo by Wendz Tempest

.scarlet. by Asa Vordun

ssshhhh... No One Can Hear YOU! by Noel Texangel

"A Merman's Love" by Addison Summerwind

For more great photos do not forget to check out LUMIPro World Headquarters or for even more great artwork check out the LUMIPro Art Gallery

Well there you have some amazing works created by our very own users! We have many new exciting things in the works for the upcoming holidays so keep shooting! Well until next time...

***Stands and grabbing the handle to her suitcase she slowly walks to the door. As she goes to flip off the light switch she turns and gives a playful wink.***

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