Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LUMIPro Spotlight

This LUMIPro Spotlight brought to you by Eli Wallace of Gallery Assis.

Skip Staheli - I adore Skips work, he is a master painter in edit. also one of the Assis Aeternum. For me, Skip captures emotion, he feels the image and never disappoints. This image is a preview of his current exhibit at Assis "No Air" - his love of creating shines through in every piece he does without fail, you can see the hours and hours of edit he puts in - would love to be a fly on the wall to see him at work in PS.


Emaline - This girl has talent, I have been watching her flikr for sometime now, has a good eye and good sense of lighting.


 Avid follower of Greg and Peppers Slideshow - always interesting to see what appears next, great concepts for images.


by Jessica Belmer

Adore the expression, mood and lighting here. A scene set, a story there.


Darius - Assis Aeternum . Dar is my right hand man at Assis and invaluable. I have watched his work develop which sometimes leaves my jaw on the ground. His attention to the tiniest detail sets him apart, always a pleasure to shoot with him. This shot was for the opening of Alecat Breda's exhibit Cirque du Freak - a charity event held at Assis for Childline. 


Lincoln Garnet - Assis Aeternum. LInc is a big advocate for Lumipro. When you look at his work - you can tell - Yea! thats a Lincoln Garnet. This image is one of the 3 images in his angel set.


By Corinne J. Helendale

WOW!! This is about as much as i can say about this image. The edit is fantastic and realistic, a lot of care and attention has been taken over this image - I adore it.


By Soo Corbeau

 Soo always creates great styling and sets .


By Jessica Belmer

  My final choice and this hit me hard. It;s beautifully shot and finished but the subject sad but very very effective - I would love to know what prompted this image.


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