Tuesday, January 1, 2013

LUMIPro 3.2 Tutorial - Sit ball and REM

The holidays have had us all a bit behind what with our real lives, family, holiday planning and shopping and parties, Stefans travel log and the LUMIPro holiday sale we have been HUGELY busy.

Stefan was able to get a few quiet moments to finalize this training video on *Whats NEW* with LUMIPro 3.2 and its ease of use as well as it's awesome features.  These features include the new "sitball" for adjusting the talent's position, rapid eye movement (REM) for machinima, and improvements to the backup server.

Corrine was able to get the manual  updated for all of us as well. If you have any questions about the HUD you will find the answers in this manual, she did an amazing job ! IF you do not find the answer in that manual, jump in the group chat and ask anything over 200 group members in there and they all know their LUMIPro HUD !

(people have been asking to see the whole video of Starr using REM.  Click here)

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Now lets see what is new!

We think you are going to be pleased! As always feedback is requested , questions are welcomed.

Welcome to LUMIPro!

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  1. Stephen, I got the hud several weeks ago, missed the sale, couldn't care less! You have created a fine piece of work here and not just that. The information and tutorials all top shelf. And these new improvements are icing on the cake. Thank you so much for this amazing tool.


    Georgie Tungsten