Sunday, December 8, 2019

Tis The Season....

*** She walks into the room carrying boxes filled to the brim with decorations. As she sits a box on the desk a Christmas bauble rolls to the floor and she nudges it under the desk with her red heel. With a smile, she turns her attention to you. *** 

Well, I only dropped one! My favorite time of year is upon us... To celebrate I thought we could do a photo/advertisement contest! Heres how it will work...

All people who submit entries MUST be LUMIPro owners.
All work submitted MUST use LUMIPro. 
Photo editing is not required, but it is encouraged! 
Contestants can submit an unlimited number of entries.
 All entries must be submitted to the LUMIPro Contest Group by December 18th. (Extended through the 20th)
The subject matter of entries needs to be holiday or winter season related.
Please make sure that entries are downloadable from Flickr. 

I love our holiday contest during the Christmas season the most! I can not wait to see what everyone comes up with! 

What about the prizes you ask? Well, to be honest, you guys always come up with so many wonderful entries I cannot decide how many winners to have. I can tell you there will be lindens and gift cards up for grabs if your photo is chosen!

Oh, and I have one more announcement! We will be having a big winter extravaganza on December 22nd! There will be great music, giveaways, and of course a flash mob gallery! More details will be coming soon so get out those cameras and save the date!

Well, there is a lot of work to be done so until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Shooing you out with a wink she turns her attention to the decorations. ***

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