Friday, April 12, 2019

LUMIPro Spotlight!

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous Friday, and for all those getting ready to do something for spring break I hope you have a great time. I thought I would start my spring break with a LUMIPro Spotlight!

So here we go... 

When I do a LUMIPro Spotlight I love seeing everyone's different perspectives and creativity. These photographers all did an amazing job! Congratulations you guys! If you would like the opportunity to be featured in a spotlight don't forget to share your photos in LUMIPro's Flickr Group. Just don't forget to make sure that you are a LUMIPro owner, and that your photo follows the guidelines of the group.

Also don't forget there is still time to go check out Kn0ck0uts Gallery Show before we move on to the next artist's. For all the details check out his interview here.

Well until next time... Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Creative, and Happy Shooting!

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