Sunday, January 22, 2017

Another Great LUMIPro Spotlight!

*** She stumbles into the room, and she is definitely not wearing normal style, instead she has on cargo pants and a big poofy jacket. As you look closer you see that she's carrying a fishing pole. Sitting her tackle box and pole on the desk, she takes a seat and turns towards you with a smile. ***

As you guys can see it definitely hasn't been my typical weekend. While I was sitting out there on the boat I couldn't resist looking through the photos in LUMIPro's Flickr Group. With all of the great photographs that everyone has been posting, I felt like I had to rush right over and share some with you.

Let's get this party started...


This barely scratches the surface of the wonderful art our photographers have to offer. Congratulations to each of you on a job well done! To check out more wonderful photographs created by our users take a peek at LUMIPro's Flickr Group 

If you haven't had the chance to try LUMIPro we have a free demo in our sales gallery. Right now our gallery is showing the beautiful photography of Athena Mariposa be sure to check out her show while you can!

Well, I think it's about time I got back to my weekend. I will see you guys soon until next time... Happy Shooting!

*** Getting up from the desk she grabs her pole and tackle box, and as she heads for the door she gives everyone a playful wink. ***

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