Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sign Up To Beta Test LUMIPro 2016!

*** Walks out of the Second Life chat and onto the blog carrying a form fresh off the presses. *** 

Well I wasn't going to post this until later this evening; but what can I say the amazing people in our group inspire me. Everyone has been begging to know when they can test the beta of the new LUMIPro 2016. Well the time is finally here! To be a part of the experience just fill out the Beta Test Form. Beta huds will be handed out to each user who is selected on the day testing opens. Well good luck everyone and like always... Happy Shooting!

*** Gets ready to watch the frenzy as she hits the publish button with a big grin on her face. ***

**Please remember that only current owners are eligible to be beta testers.

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